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Beautifully natural brows are the finishing touch of Versace’s look this seasons. It all starts with a fresh satin finish foundation, set with a matte powder on only the contours of the face to create a minimalistic strobing effect on the high points. Flesh tone blush emphasizes the carving of high cheekbones, brought down to the outskirts of smile lines. A cream, light-deflecting highlighter sparingly dabbed throughout the T-panel produces a dewy, natural glow.

The eyes are dramatic, barely blended and sultry. A flesh toned matte shadow primer sets the foundation for a deep aubergine crease, blended horizontally to almost meet the brows end. Black coal liner buffed top and bottom completes the heroin chic, slept-in drama. Lips remain supple and nude, unlined. Like the brows, natural hair is embraced as well. Curly or straight, let the strands fall where they may.

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Photography by: SARA ABUEL via