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Belk’s Glamsformation Beauty Live Event

It's hard for women to resist a little help for an instant facelift, that's why Belk hosts an annual Beauty event, to help keep us all up to date. This year Belk Beauty Director Shannon Perrin hosted the Glamsformation Beauty Live at the Dallas Galleria this past weekend and boy was it fun! The event took place in the beautiful setting of The Dallas Galleria right smack center stage of the busiest shopping day of the week.

The beauty panelists consisted of Alan Ginsberg- Vice President, Training and Special Events for Parlux, Ana Thomas- Regional Manager for T3Micro, Lisa Boness- Regional Education Executive with Clinuqe, and Lindsey Loeffert- Education Executive for Estee Lauder. Providing us with their expert tips and tricks on the latest beauty products and the hottest new beauty tools.

"All women deserve to use the magic of makeup to show the world how they see themselves. With the changing styles and moods of each unique woman, it is important that makeup be a part of how women express themselves and in a way they feel confident applying and wearing every day. Above all, makeup should always be fun!"-Lisa Boness. From the true

expert of makeup herself, Boness showed us how to properly apply foundation.

If you missed the event, don't worry!

Psst! Here's the secret: Orange Ombre Lips, BIG Texas hair and soft floral scents. These beauty trends will keep you up to par this season. Some of the featured products were The Bio Ionic itools StyleWinder, Clinque's Chubby Stick Lip color Balm and Vince Camuto's floral line of perfume: Bella, Fiore and Amore.

"The effectiveness of scent is powerful, it's one of our strongest senses. Fragrance is very emotional, you can't see the transformation, it's subjective." - Jordan Brit.

We could not agree more, as he shared his intimate story of his fascination with perfume, since he was a little boy, we too, were mesmerized by the Vince Camuto perfume collection.

Let's not forget, what was in the beauty bag?

Belk's Beauty Book

Clinique's chubby stick

Vince Camuto Perfume

Estee Lauder Foundation Moisturizer

Estee Lauder Under-eye cream

Stay tuned for the upcoming Beauty Live Event. We'll keep you posted so you can reserve yourself a seat and receive fun goodies, as well as, helpful tips to last you all summer long!

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Photography by: Erik Sandoval