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Grooming Wedding Tips for Men

You want to look and feel your best for your big day, not only for yourself but for your bride-to-be as well. The Boardroom Salon for Men’s teams of expert stylists and barbers are here to share a few essential grooming tips to guide you to being well groomed on your wedding day.


Signature Style – Your wedding day isn’t the time to try the new cut you’ve been thinking about. Stick to your classic look. Get your hair cut about five days before the big day. This gives you time to let the style settle and not look “fresh from the salon” while still being sharp. Boardroom’s Benchmark Haircut, $55.00

Stay Sharp – A straight razor shave gives the best shave, so if you’re after a sharp, clean look for your wedding day, schedule an appointment with your barber. Talk to your barber about whether you’ll need to schedule your shave for the day before or day of your wedding, depending on your hair growth and skin’s sensitivity.Boardroom’s Traditional Hot Lather Shave Service, $55.00

Face First – Don’t start trying out new products right before your wedding. Stick with a trusted routine. Day and night, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, then finish with a moisturizer containing SPF. Stay hydrated. Water works wonders on your skin. Try Jack Black’s Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, $12.50 - $35.00, and Double Duty Face Moisturizer, $17.50 - $48.00

Be Subtle - If you’re going for a stubble look on your wedding day, trial and error is the only way to assess your beard growth. Test the waters and take note of how long it takes for you to get to prime wedding day stubble.

Perfect Your Facial Hair - A neat, well-maintained beard looks outstanding. Achieve this look by shaving your neck to just under the jaw line, shaving the top of your beard along the cheek for sharp, defined lines and using clippers, trimmers or scissor to maintain a uniform length to the body of the beard. Finish with a beard softener or oil to combat frizz and lock in moisture. Boardroom’s Beard Trim Service, $15.00 - Try Beardbrand Beard Oil, $25.00

Shape Up - Pluck any stray hairs between your eyes a couple of days before

your wedding. Masculine and groomed brows define your face. That means no arches, a full brow and not being overly done. Boardroom’s Brow Wax Service, $15.00

Back and Better - If your significant other has always hated your back hair, discreetly or not, consider getting a wax before the wedding. She’ll thank you.Boardroom’s Waxing Service, $15.00+

Keep It Fresh - Stick to your signature cologne. It’s tempting to go overboard with your cologne, but please don’t. One or two sprays will be enough to keep

you fresh all night. Try Jack Black’s Blue Mark Cologne, $25.00 - 72.00

Hand-scape - Ring pictures will definitely happen, so neat and clean fingernails are a must. Get a hand grooming. Trim your nails and apply lotion, or let a pro do it for you. Boardroom’s Hand Grooming Service, $30.00

Strong Finish - The day of your wedding, send your bride a gift, flowers, or a personal note to read while she's getting ready. The little things mean the most. Oh, and don’t forget to have mints and lip balm handy on the big day. Try Jack Black Intensive Repair Lip Balm $7.80 – Pick your favorite scent (or hers)

Groomsmen Gifts It’s tradition to bestow upon each of them a groomsmen gift: something classic, masculine, and unique -- just like your groomsmen. Boardroom Salon has something to suit every man in your groom’s party. A nice shave kit makes a great groomsmen's gift and helps ensure that your guys show up looking their best for your big day. Plus, it looks cool on their bathroom counter. The Art of Shaving, Fusion Chrome Collection: Razor - $100.00, Brush - $75.00, and Stand - $100.00

Every guy needs a Dopp kit. Get ‘em a gift they can use for all their travels Parker Travel/Dopp Kit, small size - $29.00, large size - $42.00

Give them the gift of relaxation and confidence with a gift card to Boardroom. Or round up the guys and go together for cuts and shaves before the big day. Boardroom’s Benchmark Haircut + Traditional Hot Lather Shave, $110.00

All products and services mentioned are available at any Boardroom Salon location. Visit to find the location nearest you.

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