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In the modern world of merging realities, when CG fuses with cinema, art with fashion, cooking with entertainment, it is only fitting to see creative collaborations in the most unusual fields. The latest was Rankin’s exclusive video of a hit single “Emergency” by Icona Pop, designed to celebrate the 46 shades of Artist Rouge Lipstick. The riotous film features the chart-topping electropop duo in fireworks of colorful fun. It is the latest creation of Rankin in the line of his recent collaborations with the French cosmetics brand MAKE UP FOR EVER in its new campaign.

The fusion of music with makeup, presented by Icona Pop duo, celebrates the brand’s passion for life on the stage. “MAKE UP FOR EVER is a brand that always looks to have fun and get creative. They love the music. In Icona Pop, they have partnered with a real force of nature. For me, performance and music is all about character and attitude. You can see that in bucket loads here: they just leap off the screen, “– said Rankin.

46 Shades of Artist Rouge Lipstick

The video became a platform to showcase the enthusiasm and infections personalities of the musicians. “Makeup is so important for us when we are on stage, to do something fun for people,” – said Icona Pop. “You can be a superwoman with just some blush and a black lipstick. We express ourselves through music – but also through how we dress and how we wear our makeup”.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is pioneering the field of translating the spirit and energy of music into the visual realm of makeup – the result is pure celebration, a neon paradise!


46 Shades of Artist Rouge Lipstick
46 Shades of Artist Rouge Lipstick