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Ok guys, (and I DO mean guys) you must get yourself to Boardroom Salon for Men in West 7th. They promote themselves as a “relaxed grooming experience for men.” It is ALL of that and more! As you approach the front door you immediately see the iconic red, white and blue, spinning barber pole; a nostalgic throwback to a time when men went to the Barber Shop and ladies went to the Beauty Parlor.

Well, at Boardroom, you will think you’ve just walked into the men’s lounge at the country club: floor-to-ceiling wood-paneled walls, Chesterfield-leather covered chairs, a chess table, a chocolate-brown felt, regulation pool table, a fridge full of complimentary Rahr and Miller light, the football game on the widescreen television…AND I can get my haircut?!? Well….yes, BUT an experience at The Boardroom is MUCH more than “getting a haircut”.

On my visit, the manager, Rebecca Champlin, greeted me and handed me over to Brooke, a truly knowledgeable professional. Attentive, sincere and genuinely kind, Brooke led me away for a haircut, paraffin hand wax and a scalp massage that transported me to heaven. THIS is the way to get groomed!

Brooke and I talked about the holidays and the need to look good. New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and here are a few tips from Boardroom Salon for Men’s team of expert stylists and barbers to help you look great and feel confident as you ring in the New Year.

Signature Style

A good hairstyle is all about clean lines so making sure you’ve got a fresh haircut, or at least a clean-shaven neck, is pretty important. Visit your stylist or barber three to five days before the big night for a fresh but natural look. Enhance your normal style with these easy options.

Create a part or comb your hair to one side for a defined, sharp style. Form the part from back to front, starting at your natural cowlick and combing everything to one side. Sculpt your look with crème or paste and a comb.

Try a slicked back style for a more formal look. Slicking your hair straight back without a part is a good look, but it can feel a little intense for some guys. A side part can soften things up a bit. Lightly back-combing the front of your hair before you slick it back can give you some height in the front and make it less severe.

Add more volume with a comb (your fingers work well too) and blow-dryer – it’s easy and quick, we promise. Style your hair by running a dime-sized amount of product – gel, cream, pomade – through hair so it looks dry, natural and not overly done.

Try Bumble and bumble’s Sumotech, or SumoWax for a stronger hold, $29.00 each


Going grey? Add a touch of pigment, while making your hair look naturally healthier and more youthful, with the Fountain of Youth hair color: a camouflage coloring process that covers grey while keeping some for a natural look. Twenty years of greying shouldn’t suddenly disappear overnight.

Perfect Your Facial Hair

Use a mustache wax to keep stray hairs in line. Put a little on your fingers and sculpt your ‘stache (It's also easier if you keep it warm in your pants pocket). Try different styles. Keep it simple; position the hair downwards. If you’ve grown out your mustache, twist the ends and twirl upward for a classic, dapper look.

Try Beardbrand Mustache Wax, $7.00

Avoid the lumberjack look by keeping your beard neat and tidy. Shave your neck to just under their jaw line, shaving the top of their beard along the cheek for sharp, defined lines and using clippers, trimmers or scissors to maintain a uniform length throughout the body of the beard. Finish with a beard oil to combat frizz and keep your facial hair feeling soft (and smelling intoxicating).

Try Beardbrand Beard Oil, $25.00


The little things matter; take care of your hands and nails – just in case you end up hand and hand with your date. Trim your nails and apply lotion, or let a pro do it for you. She’ll definitely notice.

Try Boardroom’s Hand Grooming Service, $30.00

Shape Up

Tweezing and waxing is no longer a hush-hush affair. Eyebrow waxing is all about having a natural look. Masculine and groomed brows define your face. That means no arches, a full brow and not being overly done.

Try Boardroom’s Brow Wax Service, $15.00

Keep It Fresh

It’s tempting to go overboard with your cologne, but please don’t. One spray is enough to keep you fresh all night, while eliminating the chance of being “that guy” and smelling too strong.

Try Jack Black’s Blue Mark Cologne, $72.00

Prep for your Midnight Kiss

Apply a natural chapstick or balm to relive dryness and keep lips smooth. This is the difference between “eww” and “ooh.” Keep your cool and save the kiss for midnight. It’s way more romantic this way.

Try Jack Black Intensive Repair Lip Balm $7.80 – Pick your favorite scent (or hers)

Boardroom provides the ultimate relaxed grooming experience for men across 20 locations: 19 locations throughout Texas in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin and one location in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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