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Bruce Weber: Portraits by the Master

The vibrancy of Dallas’s art scene is much talked about. Recently, it has been enriched by two incredible exhibitions of Bruce Weber’s photography presented at Dallas Contemporary and in Northpark Mall. For five months Dallasites will have the opportunity to enjoy works of the renowned master.

Far From Home”, a new exhibition that opened in September at the Dallas Contemporary, features the works of Bruce Weber accumulated during his travels over the past four decades. This is the largest presentation of his works since 1999, when the master exhibited a survey of his career at the National Portrait Gallery in London. In addition to never before seen photography, “Far From Home” also features a selection of Weber’s travel-related short film works.

His groundbreaking and sometimes controversial imagery, taken in remote locales from Vietnam to Morocco, from South Africa to Brazil, are more than fashion sittings, they are broader explorations of each culture’s unique character and presence. The photographer is known for a very distinctive combination of classical styling with more instinctual undertones of mood, sexuality and introspection. His well-known images for leading fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Versace, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Louis Vuitton are illustrations of the seamless blend of romance and drama, so characteristic to Weber.

The second exhibit Bruce Weber: Artist Portraits, organized in the collaboration between Neiman Marcus, Northpark Mall and Dallas Contemporary, opened September 29th with an elegant reception that drew a distinguished crowd of art lovers, including such notable attendees as Mrs. Nancy Nasher. This smaller, but no less remarkable exhibit consists of deeply personal portraits of famous artists Bruce Weber has taken during his career. Each very moving image is an exploration of human character and human existence. Deeply personal, the portraits glimpse into the artistic soul, as if searching for the essence of talent that lies beneath the surface. Free to the public, the exhibit features portraits of Ellsworth Kelly, Georgia O’Keefe, Louis Bourgeois and Anselm Keifer among others.

Far From Home” is on view at the Dallas Contemporary through December 2016. “Artist Portraits” will be open to public in North Park Mall through April 2017.

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