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Designs by Mac Stopa Hybrid Collection

Massive Design’s Badassness pays tribute to the Poland based interior design firm that has been garnering accolade left and right spanning the globe for over 20 years. Their designs are loud, impactful and could not be ignored. Founder Mac Stopa was named an honoree at the IAC’s annual award last year. Mac is the Chief Architect and Designer at his company and is known for his modern, innovative and unconventional interiors.

With Dallas’s DIFFA Circo Rouge event coming on May 21 st , I think it is timely to take a look at Mac Stopa and his designs. His portfolio goes on in a long list, and one of his designs was the Hybrid Collection for DIFFA’s Dining by Design New York with Casali, Tonon, Mohwak Group, Ghelamco and Artemide in 2015. The Hybrid

Collection’s Mira table is a modular tempered glass object in organic quadrilateral shape. The table tessellates into several larger table shapes allowing the user to adjust its functionality by adding modules. This feature is like plug-and- play user-interface (UI) in information technology and such innovative design is incidentally a precursor of #TheMet ManusXMachina themed gala's fashion lineup. Such individualized approach puts the user in the designer’s seat and one could go up to 350km per hour like a Lamborghini. Further, the Mira table is supported by polished aluminum legs with lacquered pattern on the glass. When the lights luminate onto the surface, the pattern is then projected to the floor creating stunning artistic expressions. This is #badassdesign.

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