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If you have not ventured out of Dallas lately, I think now is the time to take a day trip to Fort Worth. This wonderful city has a lot to offer in the realm of artistic appreciation. I am personally a big fan of The Modern of Fort Worth. It boasts an amazing permanent collection, and is in itself a masterpiece of modern architecture. The time to visit is now, because you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to see under one roof the lifelong progression of the creative genius of Frank Stella.

The exhibition “Frank Stella: A retrospective” encompasses a collection of masterworks of one of the most important living American artists and offers a visual narrative of his career from the mid-1950’s to the present. A selection of approximately 120 pieces of works, prepared by the Modern and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, includes paintings, reliefs, maquettes, sculptures and drawings, and ranges from the most notable examples to the lesser known and rarely seen art.

Described as an adherent of Minimalism, Hard-edged painting and Post-Painterly abstraction movements, Stella conveys emotional strength and substantial visual weight though bright color blocking. His abstract paintings are heralded for bearing no pictorial illusions, psychological references, or metaphysical allusions. They are a pure feast for the eyes.

The exhibition is curated by collaborative efforts of Michael Auping, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, as well as Adam D. Weinberg and Alice Pratt Brown, Whitney Museum of American Art. It will be on display until September 18th, 2016.

Generous support is provided by the Kleinheinz Family Endowment for the Arts and Education; The Henry Luce Foundation; Mark Giambrone, Dallas; Audrey and David Mirvish; the National Endowment for the Arts; Neiman Marcus, Youth Education Sponsor; and the Eugene McDermott Foundation.

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Gran Cairo
Chocorua IV

Photography by: Courtesy of The Modern Museum of Fort Worth