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“Getting Close” with David Yarrow

A mascular body of a mature lion is frozen in mid-air – powerful, magnificent and a little somber. The viewer is transfixed by the frozen moment in nature, somewhat diminished by the massive scale and powerful contrast of the black and white photographic image. The lion appears both weightless, and at the same time, extremely heavy – as if we are viewing it from below, like an overhanging mountainous cliff.

Oversized wild-life photographic images of the world-renowned David Yarrow are making their Dallas debut via a series of exhibitions hosted by Kimberly Aston at Dallas Arts week. Starting on Monday, April 11th with a private dinner hosted at the home of Anne and Steve Stodghill, Yarrow will showcase his internationally recognized photographs at the Perot Museum, The Space on Oaklawn and the Joule Hotel. A descendant of the prevalent Yarrow shipbuilding dynasty, founder of his own personally funded

$230m hedge-fund, Clareville Capital Partners LLP, and now the world’s best-selling wildlife photographer, Yarrow is relevant and respected worldwide. David is vastly connected across the globe. His network includes close friends like Prince William and most recent ex: model and actress Elizabeth Hurley, both who can attest to David’s talent and compassion.

Since the widely popular release of his fine-art photography books Nowhere (2007) and Encounter (2013), Yarrow is anticipating the 2016 August release of his new book, Wild Encounters. The book, which will detail his photographs and the extraordinary measures taken to capture the wildlife images, will include a foreword written by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Visit + Wednesday, April 13: Opening Celebration at The Space, 7:00-10:00 PM

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