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The Passing of a Legend: André Courrèges

Basque fashion visionary André Courrèges’s designs revolutionized fashion. The vaunted and historical miniskirt, defined by Courrèges as being 4” or more above the knee, was shown as early as 1961 in his first independent show. And never again has it been out of fashion. And what miniskirted mod would consider leaving the house without her white kidskin Courrèges go-go boots? Or her round Shuttered Belle sunglasses with their narrow slits?

Courrèges had learned his trade in the hallowed and sacred atelier of one of the grandest masters of all time, Cristobal

Balenciaga. Noted for the architectural quality to his clothes, Balenciaga made a lasting impression on young Courrèges. The elements of structure and shape were key factors bridging the old-world couture of Balenciaga and the space-age modernism of Courrèges.

Unafraid of experimentation, Courrèges embraced the new exploitation for synthetics and championed plastics, using them as see-through inserts on A-line dresses, and sun-shields for the Moon Girl helmets he designed, jewelry, and multiple other accessories.

Courrèges suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for the last 30 years of his life, and died in January 2016.

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Photography by: Photos courtesy of Vogue