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The Voyage of a Life Time

In the midst of summer we can’t help but think of a vacation. The allure of travel is never so strong than during the summer months. What is it about the sun and the breeze that sets our minds on faraway lands and exotic experiences? I am not sure myself, but I am definitely thinking of something that would take my mind off my daily routine.

Recently, I have found THE dream vacation that I want to share with you. What would you think of a transatlantic sea voyage aboard Queen Mary 2 – one of the most luxurious ships currently in operation? Let’s follow the journey wealthy Europeans took coming to America in the first half of the 20th century and experience the indulgence of leisure lasting an entire week. Queen Mary 2 is the younger sister of its legendary counterpart “Queen Mary” – the grandest of transatlantic cruisers of its time that set on its maiden journey in 1936. It is built with the same attention to luxury and operated with the same level of service as the renowned liner. Wouldn’t it be incredible to follow in the steps of Hollywood celebrities like Bob Hope and Clark Gable, royalty like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and dignitaries like Winston Churchill?

Queen Mary 2 -

The beautiful Queen Mary 2 boasts accommodations to answer the most discerning tastes. As you board the ship you will be welcomed into a breath-taking multistory atrium, compete with sweeping staircases and white-gloved personnel. There are a total of 7 restaurants and 6 bar and lounge options on board the ship. Entertainment ranges from sports, shopping, and spa, to lectures, dancing, and theater. There is a luxurious 3D cinema, a planetarium and a classical music venue for you enjoy. You can build a program of activities based on your personal tastes and predispositions. You can even bring your Pooch with you, should you desire. It is the only ship that offers kennel facilities to its guests. Let’s not forget the incredible state rooms. Each – a works of art: impeccably designed and artfully executed. Queen Mary 2 is the ultimate achievement in luxury.

If transatlantic direction is not the route you have in mind, you can travel on board Queen Mary 2 all over the world. You make the choice. One thing is indubitably guaranteed – you will be creating memories of a lifetime on the flagship without compare. Oh, and don’t say you are not tempted. No one would ever believe you.

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