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Tommy Hilfiger Apple watch at NYFW

As technology and fashion continues to evolve, the two industries are quickly merging into one world. With the start of New York Fashion Week, the industry is curious to see what designers will integrate digital aspects into their shows. For NYFW veteran Tommy Hilfiger, the Apple watch will become a major element to his upcoming show. Attendees who wear their Apple watch will have the opportunity to check into the show, bypassing the hectic sign in process and will get seated more quickly. This type of technology has not

been used by any other designer, and show goers will have the privilege of experiencing it firsthand. In addition to the wrist tech, Tommy Hilfiger will also have an Instagram pit, which will hold ‘gram enthused guests. Instead of struggling to get that perfect runway shot to blast across social media, this exclusive pit will allow for perfect photo taking without obstructing the views of others. Mr. Hilfiger just might change the way the industry conducts NYFW, and it just goes to show that technology is truly taking over.

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