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Bionic Human 2.0: Tale from the future.

I was so excited to have an opportunity to interview Viktoria Modesta, singer/artist/super-human and philanthropist, she performed at DIFFA Dallas earlier this year and her performance was unforgettable. My hope is that my questions will reflect her point of view to help effect our readers to think outside of their own perceptions, to embrace changes plus, and I hope, our readers will appreciate our weird sense of humor. After all, why be normal? Personally, the world needs much healing right now and some super-sized inspirations.

[ S U P E R P O W E R ]

I believe you are possessed with Superpower with those interchangeable legs. Which kind of superpower as a performance artist you think you can use to save the world?

Changing limbs and silhouettes are the first steps to bend the observers’ mind and let them experience of what they think they know, for example, new-age femininity. My strongest superpower is believing that anything is possible and I am channeling that through what I do. I love messing with the idea of alter reality through fashion, movement and innovation. Things are getting a shake up: gender, ideals, expectations and methods. I think we are in the moment of revelation when we are challenged by what we don’t know. The experience can be much more incredible if we allow ourselves to be less restricted! It is the moment of embracing diversities as the curtain goes up.

[ S U P E R V I S I O N ]

With your super vision, when should we anticipate your next release? What inspired you to create *that*?

My next release is called ‘Counterflow’ and it is a progression of self discovery from ‘Prototype’. I see it almost as a soundtrack to the recent adventures I have been through – a form of sophisticated anarchy, non-competing, creating your own direction. The EP lyrics are heavily influenced by the magical world of science, technology and the ideas of the digital self. I tried to be honest with my music direction which contains everything I love from heavy bass, futuristic trap elements and some old fashioned melodic ballads. The new album should be out this Fall 2016!

[ P O W E R S O U R C E O F C H A N G E ]

Watching ‘Prototype’, I very much enjoyed how you smacked the totalitarian regime in their face using your super girl power. What is one thing that you want to see change now in *people* to help heal our world?

I never take myself too seriously. it was important to me to keep an element of fantasy in those scenes. The biggest misconception I come across is the idea that we are all the same so based on that assumption, if you are different, then you are the odd one. That’s just not the case with the expansion of cyberspace and the internet shows us that we are individually as unique as snowflakes. I think if we universally accept that we are all different, we are combinations of unique DNA, of memories, of experiences and strengths, the world would be a different place.

[ S U P E R F O O D ]

Something more personal, what’s your favorite food and drink? How do you keep yourself in prime performance shape?

My absolute favourite is Japanese food all the way and I don’t mean sushi but every kind of weird and wonderful things that are on the menu! Food, generally is kind of a special interest to me, a hobby. I like going to restaurants and I love experiencing different culture through food. When I visit a new place, I always try its local cuisine. I think cooking is a form of expression. As a whole, I eat very healthy. I stopped eating meat about year and a half ago mostly for ethical reasons, so these days I eat a lot of seafood and vegetables and nuts etc. I have an avocado every day and if I’m preparing for a show, I cut down my portions by about a 3rd.

[ S U P E R A L L I A N C E ]

I am a total geek, what are you working on with MIT Media Lab right now? Can you share some top secrets?

Haha that’s great to hear! This is the funny thing about geekiness. Someone asks me why I’m interested in science and technology and the universe, psychology and whatever else. So I tell them that for me it is all about curiosity. I learn something scientific, the process may be different than what I knew and it’s intimidating but I can’t wait to find out more because it is my own exploratory journey. I have been a fellow of MIT Media Lab for a year now and can honestly say that the most creative minds but they are also the most playful and childlike in exploring ideas. I can’t say too much but one of the latest projects I’m about to start working on involves neural controlled body parts ( stuff you control with your mind ) that can extend into fashion, art statement, as performance tools AND beyond. We are on to the next evolutionary step Human 2.0!

{JS: Holy Sh*t} ;)


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Audience and readers: hail to Viktoria Modesta and you can visit her web site at!

Images Courtesy of @MusicTechFest and Viktoria Modesta

Photoraphy by Nhu Xuan Hua

Styled by Joanna Hir

Makeup by Lan Nguyen Grealis

Hair by Kim Roy

Set Design by Helen Sirp / Lisa Jahovic

Creative direction Viktoria Modesta / Joanna Hir

Producer Michela Magas / Viktoria Modesta

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Photography by: Images Courtesy of @MusicTechFest and Viktoria Modesta/Photographer: Nhu Xuan Hua