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DEREK and HANSEL are back, tearing up the runway and making fun of the fashion world. Not that the fashion world isn't a prime target for satire, but 2016’s upcoming release of ZOOLANDER II (AKA 2OOLANDER), starring BEN STILLER and OWEN WILSON, includes an androgynous character named ALL, played by BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. And that just not alright with some people. In the trailer, Derek and Hansel ask All if s/he is a “male or

female model”, to which All replies, “All is all”. Still unsure, Derek and Hansel ask, “Does the biggest supermodel in the world have a hot dog... or a bun?” “Offensive,” says Sarah Rose, who began the boycott, concluding by saying that, “‘All’ is an over-the-top, cartoonish mockery of androgyne/trans/non-binary individuals and the modern equivalent to using blackface to represent a minority.” But neither Stiller nor Wilson have ever subscribed to political correctness… and it is satire after all (or should we say, “after ‘All?”).

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