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Art Features: Juliette Clovis

“Female Nature” in the works of Juliette Clovis

The world of contemporary art is filled with striking discoveries. The most fascinating aspect of it is the continuous and seemingly endless range of unique visions of reality that are being uncovered, examined and presented to the public’s view. The wide universe of the internet gives us an unprecedented ability to see artistic quests as they are unfolding all throughout the world. We are no longer limited to museums and galleries at a particular locale, but can peek into artists’ studios in France, New York and Japan.

Fashion Scoop Art Features: Juliette Clovis
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Such gem of a talent is Juliette Clovis – a multidisciplinary French contemporary artist living and working in Bordeaux. The body of her work is built around three major topics: the opposition between life and death, the link between human and nature, and the dialogue between tradition and modernity. Her recent three-dimensional sculptural creations are made in the technique of Limoges porcelain, a fine translucent porcelain equivalent of Sèvres, Meissen or Nymphenburg. The artist combines this classical material, routed deep in European history, with her own contemporary vision and creates striking and haunting sculptural explorations of a female identity.

Dahlia Akita - Juliette Clovis
Dahlia Akita  |  Learn More About This Piece

Fragility and beauty is merged with worrying and off-putting elements. It is the hard and the soft, the myth and the reality, the tradition and the rebellion that are so perfectly united into one shape that make Juliette Clovis’s sculptures so compelling. The artworks mirror what the world admires and fears in a female; one feels the evocation of the age-old dread of the Chimera or the Medusa, the fear of a woman’s ability to change so easily, and at will.

Medusa Recadré - Juliette Clovis
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Atsu Bashiri - Juliette Clovis
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The artist draws her inspiration from Nature, blending the elements of flora and fauna with a human face. She metaphorically expresses what we know all too well: we are a part of Nature, and Nature is a part of us. Just as a woman symbolically represents a beginning of life, so does Nature takes us back into its fold in death. The cycle of life has never been more beautifully and hypnotically represented. Juliette Clovis’s mastery of myth and reality is a treat both for the mind, and the eye.

Rosa nigra - Juliette Clovis
Rosa nigra  |  Learn More About This Piece

Photography by: Courtesy of Juliette Clovis