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Co-chair of AIDS Interfaith Network's Bloomin' Ball Nestor Estrada found himself wanting to do more for Dallas’ HIV/AIDS community after he encouraged a friend to get tested and his results came back positive. Wanting to show his support for his friend and many others dealing with the everyday struggles that come with this diagnosis, AIN was a natural place for Nestor to pursue his goal of ensuring that the people of this community can have access to resources to live long and healthy lives.

Having attended a previous charity event for AIN, Nestor has become very passionate about contributing to the ten year anniversary of Blooming Ball and celebrating 30 years of AIN’s service, this Thursday February 4th at Craighead Green Gallery Presented by Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards is going to kick off the party with selling tickets, sponsorships and table sales along with some new details being revealed about this year’s upcoming event on May 14th.

AIN serves through 10 different programs by conducting target outreach, providing HIV/AIDS prevention education, prevention with positives,

language assistance, casework and referrals, as well as other adherence and supportive care services such as transportation, meals, and adult day center, volunteer programs and pastoral services. The people that are served by AIN range from ages 18 to 65 with 50 percent over the age of 50, 40 percent of their clients have a mental illness or disability and 90 percent live at or below that poverty line. Organizations such as AIN need consistent support and funding to stay afloat in order to continue to provide services to their clients, through participating with Blooming Ball is a chance to help while having a good time. Ninety percent of the money raised for AIN goes directly to services for their clients that are imperative for them to help maintain their health and wellbeing.

There are various ways to get involved with AIN such as their ‘Saturday Night Live’ where community groups can come by to serve lunch and to fellowship or the ‘Monthly Giving Program’ for donations. For more information about how to get involved please visit www.aidsinterfaithnetwork.org.

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Photography by: Art courtesy of AIN