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Dallas Art Community partied the night away at the member reception of Dallas Contemporary on April 16th, 2016. As one of the four major exhibits that celebrated Dallas Art Week, the opening of Dan Colen, Helmut Lang and Paola Pivi drew a significant crowd of anyone who is anyone on the contemporary Dallas Art stage.

Spacious halls reverberated with music and talent; each room - distinctly different, thought-provoking and visually exciting. Helmut Lang’s BURRY collection is a somber sculptural interpretation of the transition of the softness of sheep skin and fabric into hardened forms. The famous designer’s aesthetic is beautifully reflected in his three-dimensional pieces both in their minimalistic appeal and the colors of black, silver and gold.

Colorful and imaginative Dan Colen’s canvases are beautifully enigmatic. I was personally drawn to the collection of canvases titled “Sorcerer’s

Apprentice”. Colorful and magical, child-like and, at the same time, exquisite, they convey movement and capture imagination. Dan Colen’s array of works and creative expressions definitely strongly impact the viewers with the impressive range of his skills and artistic abilities.

Saving the best for last, I decided to leave my impressions about Paola Pivi’s installation for “dessert”. Her delightful neon-colored bears offer a sense of wit, emotional depth and puzzling surrealism. The room draws you in and invites you to interact, bringing out a child in each and every one. Paola Pivi’s light approach to the artistic expression is a very freeing experience. Her friendly feather-covered polar bears first bring out a smile, and then steal a piece of your heart.

The exhibition will be on view until August 21, 2016. For more information visit www.dallascontemporary.org

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Photography by: Derrick Tribbey Photography - www.dtribbeyphoto.com | Dallas Contemporary