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...This event definitely gets added to the “MUST ATTEND ANNUALLY” list. Smart, stylish and chic, this little get-together of 600 or so of DIFFA (DESIGN INDUSTRIES FOUNDATION FIGHTING AIDS) supporters is everything a smart, stylish and chic fundraiser ought to be. A quieter, more casual relation to DIFFA's hi-glam HOUSE OF DIFFA, Burgers and Burgundy featured sliders from a number of top chefs and restaurants – yeah, I have to admit I'm biased, but my favorite was AUSTIN's KEVIN WILLIAMSON and his famous Austin outpost, RANCH 616. While Matt himself is a Dallas favorite, I heard that his truly Texan eatery is looking for a Dallas location. Yippee, Kevin!... ...I wound up going to the B&B event as a guest of designer TOM REDDICK. Reddick sort of adopted me when I first arrived. He drove me around to different neighborhoods, essentially giving me the grand tour along with rental prices. It was a thoughtful, informative tour that was very valuable to me in getting to know the lay of the land. Not that I'm calling Tom Reddick the LAY OF THE LAND, mind you. Tom was not only a perfect gentleman, but the public announcement of his appointment to this year's DIFFA STYLE COUNCIL, along with so many other friends introduced by CHUCK STEELMAN, was a highlight of the evening and a true honor for a

relative newcomer. Tom's style of giving makes him popular everywhere... ...Among the Style Council's other members are CARMEN SURGENT (the lovely and sweet social goddess who nonetheless reminds me of BRIGITTE NEILSON. Also on that exclusive list (I can only dream...) is one of my personal favorites, the dreamy CARINTHIA KISHABA. I could just watch her all day long. Smart, funny, gorgeous, poised, and dressed to kill, there is lots of fire underneath that cool exterior. What a knockout... ...Another of my new obsessions is mi fabuloso amigo LUIS NAZARIO, partner at BINZARIO along with ANDRE YABIN. I know that neither of them knew what to expect when I first imposed myself on them at their faaabulous VISIONS OF WHITE party. We all hit it off at the recent PEGASUS BALL, and I'm just crazy about them... ...With an afterparty on the patio at the MANSION BAR, where we were entertained primarily by DARIN KUNZ, … ...The wickedly bon vivante MINDY LOLL, owner of SAVOIR LUXE, is just one of my favorite people these days. We'd stalked each other on Facebook until we finally met, and have, unwittingly, developed a relationship that will promise to dazzle and delight. She's the real thing – real smart, real funny and real vivacious.... And then there’s MINH QUAN - love you, Minh!!!...

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Photography by: Rhi Lee and Thomas Garza - DIFFA DALLAS