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On any given weekend we often face a dilemma of where to have dinner. There is no shortage of great restaurants in Dallas, but the thought of another version of Italian or Mexican food brings me down. Don’t take me wrong, I love pasta and the first thing I do when I return to the US from abroad is rush to the nearest Tex-Mex eatery to silence the cravings. However, my soul demands something special today, and it won’t be quieted until it is satisfied. If you share my sentiment, I think we should venture out into town and explore the medley of new restaurants that opened up in Dallas and are waiting to dazzle us with their creations.

Personally, I am very much a meat-eater, so among all the colorful variety, I decided to pick two places that caught my eye: On The Lamb restaurant in Deep Ellum and 18th & Vine, Kansas City-style barbeque in Oak Lawn.

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18th & Vine is not much to look at from the outside, but the inside is SEXY! It is not your regular greasy barbeque join. Stark contrast of black and white creates a crisp environment with the nod to the days gone-by. You will have your meal surrounded by the musical stars of jazz era, wistfully looking at your dinner from their posters. In addition to the classic mouth-watering barbeque fare, you can choose from the sumptuous modern creations of the chef, such as BBQ pork belly with shrimp served with hummus, fried baby artichoke and green sauce, or my favorite – BBQ Texas quail accompanied by farro, eggplant cream and black garlic.

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If barbeque is not your thing, you should try On the Lamb – the bar-restaurant entirely focused on meat. If that’s not a heaven for meat-eaters, I don’t know what is. The atmosphere is sleek, casual, and distinctly en vogue. This small place carries loads of character. The base of Chef Ross Demers’ menu is a variety of specialty lamb dishes, accompanied by constantly rotating charcuterie program that includes many options of offal and wild game. The cocktail selection is divine, and if your date is not into red meat, you are not to worry. Pastry Chef Francisca Lang creates desserts that can only be qualified as artistic genius. With the continuous changes of the menu, you are always in for a surprise when you visit On the Lamb.

Meat, anyone?

Photography by: www.facebook.com/18thandVineBBQ & www.facebook.com/onthelambdallas