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The Equanimity Awards Gala

Equanimity. The word is not the most common in anybody’s vocabulary, but it carries gravity in it. The meaning of Equanimity is mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. It is this quality, above all others, that allows people to overcome obstacles, resolve challenges, and make a difference in this world.

The Equanimity Awards Benefit Gala does precisely that! The event is designed to honor individuals who excel in bringing forward social change in a variety of categories: humanitarian, lifetime achievement, media, and the arts. It brings together people from various backgrounds to connect them for a common cause – the support of community and each other.

The second annual event took place on October 14, 2016 and garnered substantial media interest, including exclusive coverage by Bravo TV. A number of illustrious guests, including the cast of the RHOD, attended the party, which was preceded by red carpet appearances and interviews.

One hundred percent of proceeds of the gala go to JB Dondolo, Inc.Charity – the organization that dedicates its efforts to promote and develop projects and improve people’s lives in low-income and impoverished areas, lacking in bare necessities, like clean water and basic medical services.

Hosted by Donnie Brown and Amy Vanderoff, the evening sparkled with heart-warming stories, designer gowns and beautiful entertainment. As Equanimity Brand Ambassador, Miss International Nova Pearson Kopp lit the stage with her smile and charm while presenting some of the awards. A collection of designer gowns by Nour Diab, shown at the event, added a note of fashionable refinement.

The most memorable was the appearance and the speech by Cody Saintgnue, an accomplished model and one of the stars of “Teen Wolf” series, who had flown to Dallas from LA to receive the Community Achievement Award. His selflessness and dedication to helping youth, as well as his personal story had touched many hearts that night.

Glamorous soirees and accomplished guests always attract people’s attention, but it is important to remember that behind events like this are dedicated hearts and resolute minds that strive to bring a difference into the world. Next time you drink a glass of water think that it is a gift not given to all. Clean water is a basic human right. It is in our power to make it a global reality.

Nour Diab Collection
Cody Saintgnue