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Esé Azénabor Beams Light and Splendor

Last Friday night designer Esé Azénabor took her audience into a place of unparalleled fantasy complete with many captivating looks - Esé Azénabor’s collection was nothing short of inspirational.

Somewhere between fantasy and madness Esé Azénabor exploited the wonders in clothing ornamentation…Imagine a bevy of beads, crystals, pearls, feathers, and lace  packed together into one palatial collection. Yet, the Nigerian-born designer never lost her  sense of reality - this collection was about celebrating womanhood, and never having to apologize for it.

“Fashion is a major form of art and women should express their sense of art through fashion,” said Esé Azénabor.

Esé Azénabor’s 2014 collection offered plenty of fantasy and splendor. But ultimately it offered wearable clothes for women who are not afraid

of being the center of attention. Why wouldn’t you want to be the brightest star in the sky?

The beautiful designer conceptualized her fascination for all things beautiful via ultra-rich ornamentations that included hand-beading, crocheted lace, feather appliqués, and a mesmerizing array of embroidery patterns that resemble Faberge eggs or 18th century gilded plaster ceilings. All on a silhouette that gently skimmed the body. This was brought to completion with a color palette that ranged from black to white, and with pops of electric blue, blush, gold, and silver.

Azénabor’s luxurious and dreamlike collection evoked the splendor of the Baroque period, ultimately setting her eponymous fashion-line on a path that will soar into fashion’s big leagues.

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