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When you see a woman wearing structured garments with a plunging neckline, there are a couple things that come to mind. First, this woman exudes confidence and second, she must be wearing Esé Azénabor.

For most women, there’s always that go-to item you throw-on when you want to turn every head in the room, but for Esé Azénabor, every design is created with empowerment in mind. Merging femininity and strength, Esé describes her designs in three words: artistic, diverse, & extraordinary. And extraordinary she is.

As a self-taught designer, Esé started sewing at the age of eight. “I used to take my mom’s traditional Nigerian garments apart and sew them back together to create a garment for my sister and myself,” says Esé. “Of course, I would get in so much trouble for that, but it really helped me understand how garments are created.” However, fashion design wasn’t Esé’s career direction initially.

After moving to Dallas to pursue a graduate degree, Esé couldn’t escape her destiny. Still creating and wearing her own designs, Esé’s pieces continued to draw attention from those around her. “I would always wear my own clothing going out,” says Esé. “Not only did I receive so many

compliments, but also requests for purchases of my clothes.” After recognizing the opportunity to monetize her love for making women feel beautiful, in 2012, Esé jumped into the fashion world launching her first ready-to-wear line.

Fast forward three years later, Esé Azénabor continues to be one of the most recognized and well-respected designers in Dallas. Marking her second appearance at NYFW, Esé Azénabor recently showcased her SS2016 collection, Garden of Eden, featuring 42 stunning looks with hand-painted fabrics, Swarovski crystals, custom digital print work, and hand beading. “Seeing my dresses come to life and making someone happy wearing them gives me chills,” states Esé. “Sometimes it’s surreal that something I imagined in my mind becomes a reality.”

But the reality is, Esé Azénabor’s designs are the epitome of beauty and empowerment. The elegant fabric, gorgeous lines, and spectacular details are guaranteed to turn every head in the room, which can only mean one thing…another successful collection for Esé Azénabor.

For more information about Esé Azénabor and to purchase her designs, go to www.shopeseazenabor.com.