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House of DIFFA No. 25 may have been 10 days ago, but it's taken me that long to recover from it! The event has had its ups and downs as it has evolved over 25 years, and it is still evolving. If it ever stopped evolving, it would wither up and die. I've been to House of DIFFA three times and each has been more spectacular than the last.

The board, producers and volunteers work their asses off to plan a truly non-stop evening of thoroughly entertaining hi-glam, hi-voltage, hi-drama spectacle that it worth every penny of the hi-dollar ticket. Every time. As one of the top fundraisers in a city bursting with big-bucks fundraisers, very few would disagree that House of DIFFA is probably the most fun.

The exposure for new designers is phenomenal (as a designer myself, I can personally attest to that), and the big-name participants benefit greatly as well.

I guess that's why these events are also called a benefit, because frankly, everyone benefits - DIFFA Dallas obviously does, the guests obviously do, the participants obviously do, as do the North Texas AIDS charities that DIFFA allocates funds to, and, primarily, the North Texas HIV+ population. With a history like that, House of DIFFA 25 could hardly go wrong. And it didn't. It was a riot of style, shape and color that left the crowd breathless. And that's exactly what we can continue to expect. Personally, I'm already imagining how faaabulous House of DIFFA 2016 is going to be... Stellar work, DIFFA Dallas.

To learn more about DIFFA Dallas, please visit www.diffadallas.org

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