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Omigod, Lela's tribute to her beloved Wyoming opened up more like Green Acres with its combined ginghams, and simple shapes that in other fabrics might look intellectually architectural. These are the shapes that are Lela's signature, and she excels at them... in other fabrics. Those combined gingham patterned dresses will not be flying out of any shop near you anything soon. But Lela came to her senses momentarily and showed a couple of truly gorgeous and completely unrelated gowns... and then we went back to Hooterville again. Then occasionally, we'd spy a very sweet little full-skirted sheer lace shirtwaist dress that in the right context might work, but added hither and thither in this already uneven collection, it made a complete mess of things. After that we saw an uninterrupted series of loveliness that was some of

Lela's best work. But then she had to remind us of Green Acres again by adding in a barnyard of feathers. That's okay, Lela, I really like feathers too. We saw gorgeous sleek, slim and modern ensembles, sexy and stylish school marm ensembles, conservative tasteful society matron dresses, Boho prom queens, more sleek, slim and stylish contemporary sportswear, another sheer lace dress, Boho prom queen meets tasteful society matron, etc.

The finalé was a disaster as well with zero cohesiveness. It appears that the models were simply allowed to go out in anything they wanted to wear and without any order whatsoever. Lela, sweetheart, what is up with such a disorganized collection and such a messy show? We know there is brilliance in you. Let's have lunch sometime and discuss editing a collection, as well as professional showmanship.

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