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At Lucio Castro, the Argentinian-born designer took a distinct turn to the left, presenting a collection with a certain cohesiveness that was still all over the map. While the LA Times called it, "The penultimate brand to show at New York Fashion Week," and actor Alan Cumming (who was at the show) wore it on the Red Carpet at the recent Tony Awards, the S/S 2016 RTW collection remains a bit of a mystery.

From enormously wide-legged pleated pants, dragging six inches or more on the ground had a definite 'hood feeling to them (you know what they'll look like after the first wearing) to slim-cut cropped pants to shorts of every length, Castro's collection an African influence as well as

a nod towards androgyny. Earlier collections were much sexier and more masculine, but now Castro showed asymmetrical kilt-like skirts over pants, somewhat shapeless styling, and even had a couple of female models showing the menswear.

Mixing patterns and prints, the collection included mesh track pants, bomber-style jackets, tank tops, polos, and Asian-influenced rectangular flip flops. It all looked like loungewear or beachwear, and several ensembles resembled children's pajamas. But overall? Castro is to be applauded for stretching his boundaries and pushing a more avant garde approach.

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