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Miss Universe: How to Say Sorry

While watching the 64th annual Miss Universe Pageant last year that aired December 19th Live on FOX, like other viewers my heart sank as I along with millions witnessed Steve Harvey’s announcement debacle. As a former pageant girl my stomach turned when the most interesting moment of the entire 3 hours happened to be one of the biggest mistakes of Steve Harvey’s career and a big moment of adversity for Miss Colombia the actual first runner up and Miss Philippines the real Miss Universe 2015. Mishaps happen and I applaud Host Steve Harvey for immediately owning up to his mistake by correcting it within a span of four minutes on live television, when the truth is he could have let the Miss Universe Organization handle the situation themselves during the press conference that took place after. Of course we remember the rumors, reactions and jokes that took place on social media after we all recovered from being in shock to witnessing the biggest gaff to happen on TV in 2015 or as Steve Harvey puts it “an unforgettable night but for the wrong reason.” I was very impressed how all 3 parties handled themselves overall, Steve Harvey being the perfect gentleman to both the new Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach by apologizing in person. Having personally picked Pia Wurtzbach Miss Philippines to win the title, I was not surprised with her poise under so much pressure and shock that she was the real winner. Although I would have reacted differently, Ariadna Gutierrez Miss Colombia stayed as calm as possible when former Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega returned to the stage to remove the crown and sash to give to its rightful owner. Ariadna in a video taken back stage try to keep things positive with saying “everything happens for a reason,” with her going down in history as the most popular first runner up in the history of pageants. She has gained instant fame and notoriety around the world such as gracing the cover of Cosmo Latina and TV Y Novelas. Pia, Miss Universe got right to work moving into her new apartment in New York City, photo shoots and started a press tour back on January 4th visiting various morning talk shows such as the Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael and an appearance on CNN while embodying the slogan of the Miss Universe Organization by being ‘confidently beautiful’.

This week Steve Harvey invited both women to talk in a two show event titled Miss Universe; The Truth, to find out about how the women really felt about the moment that changed their lives forever. Pia going first was the embodiment of poise and grace, with stating that she has personally reached out to Ariadna post the pageant to wish her a merry Christmas and Happy Birthday but not wanting to do so that night after the pageant to give her space. Pia went on to mention how she worked incredibly

hard to acquire the title of Miss Philippines/ Miss Universe and how her life back home was very hard for she and her family, so when people took to social media to say that she stole the crown it was very hurtful to her. Pia then brought up a quote that she said has gotten her through the first month of her reign which is “a real queen knows how to make an empire with the same stones that are thrown at her.” Then in a lighter tone in her final remarks went on to tell Steve that it was time for him to move on and to no longer beat himself up for this, which led to Steve giving the biggest sigh of relief and thanking Pia but the hardest part of this event was not over yet.

Ariadna was featured on the second show, with Steve Harvey reminding her of how grateful he was that she showed. As he mention at the beginning of the show “He had not spoken to Ariadna since the mortifying incident happened. This was a pivotal moment for Ariadna and he reputation since she has not spoken publicly about the incident and leaving the public to assume how she really feels by following her on as Instagram that for weeks said Miss Universe 2015 as her title and news stories saying that she is moving forward with a lawsuit against the Miss Universe Organization and possibly Steve Harvey for “adding stress to her life”. So you can imagine it was a pleasant surprise when Ariadna walked onto the Steve Harvey set in great spirits and making light jokes about the moment that made her a house hold name. She talked about how after the pageant she surrounded herself with her family in Miami particularly her father, who she deems has had the biggest impact on her life. But mentioning how the experience was very hurtful to see people of the Philippines and Colombia share harsh words to each other and about Steve Harvey on social media by saying “ I have to apologize for them (Colombia) because we are not that way. Colombia needs to stop bashing Pia and the Philippines needs to stop bashing me.” Ariadna ended her visit with Steve by letting him know that she forgives him and that the allegations of her suing him are not true then shared with him her favorite memes that poke fun at Steve for the flop of his career.

As this two show event concluded the most important things that I learned from this ongoing global controversial mishap is that having good character will always see you through the toughest situations. Pia Wurtzbach is going to be the Miss Universe of a generation and ultimately will change the face of the Miss Universe organization for the better.This week she returnes to the Philippines for a homecoming press tour. Steve Harvey has signed a contract to return as host of the 65th Miss Universe Pageant and I believe will go done as one of the most honorable gentleman in modern pop culture and Ariadna has an incredibly bright future ahead of her in modeling, acting or whatever it is that she wants to do. What Ariadna went through was not easy but to be remembered as the woman who forgave is an even better reputation to have.

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