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Shak Is Back: Stanley Korshak – Cinq-A-Sept Shop

In the world of luxury retail, being able to outshine your competition is paramount, especially in a city like Dallas! Exclusivity of service, quality and experience is what entices and ultimately secures loyal customers coming back time and time again. In my opinion, no other business can outshine Stanley Korshak in that department and it would be futile to attempt it. The independent specialty emporium is the gem of Dallas retail, and an unsurpassed leader in customer pampering.

What is most admirable about this family-owned business, is their ability to adhere to their philosophy of excellence and to uphold their incredible reputation, while staying abreast of the new and cutting edge finds in the world of fashion, jewelry and accessories. It speaks volumes about the discerning taste of their team of fashion buyers, not to mention the consummate knowledge of the legacy of the brand. A visit to Stanley Korshak, is one of discovery, surprise and intrigue. Unfailingly, you are guaranteed something to uncover, something to ponder and something to admire amongst their constantly changing selection of exclusive offerings.

Selection, though, is not all that’s regularly changing. This fall, Crawford Brock is bringing all the store’s specialty boutiques back under a single roof. The Women’s and Men’s Shak will reunite in main store, providing the best of all worlds. The Brock family, who has been operating the brand since 2002, understands the need to keep the atmosphere fresh, leaving the fickle to never get bored or wander elsewhere. New surroundings often create new excitement for the customer’s to indulge in. Today’s consumers have more choices than ever of where and how they shop, so implementation of change is the necessity that the owners see and embrace. Therefore, expect new excitement and energy as this transformation unfolds throughout the upcoming months.

Transformations give great reasons to celebrate new beginnings and new relationships and what better way to celebrate than a Fall Fashion Event? The first of several to come, this event will start with a chic party scheduled to take place on Thursday, September 8th from 6 to 8 pm, and will continue throughout the weekend. The distinguished guests will be greeted by event hosts: Paige Westhoff, Julianna LeBlanc and Nina Sachse. The unveiling and the preview of this new space, located in Stanley Korshak on the second floor, are feted under the refreshing moniker “SHAK IS BACK”, and I might add better than ever. But don’t take my word for it…you will get your opportunity to see it for yourself!

The celebration will not just be limited to the aforementioned changes. I also am pleased to announce that Stanley Korshak is marking a new milestone – the introduction of their new CINQ A SEPT Shop.

In my recent, but brief visit to the store, I must say I was left yearning for a much longer afternoon to explore the new surroundings and must have fall arrivals. I cannot wait to see everything unveiled. Intrigued? Curious? You have no idea what awaits… Come find out what SHAK has in store for you! Please send your rsvp to [email protected].

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Photography by: Courtesy of Stanley Korshak