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The Pin Show 2014

Somewhere in the heart of the Design District under the cover of a particular dark night…all of Dallas came together to witness the birth of twenty-four emerging designers, and boy did they delivered!

They were all so charming—each of them so incredibly talented and different from each other, it was nearly impossible to keep-up with their fashion offerings. Yet, they all seem to share one thing—and that is to make it into fashion’s big leagues.

There’s a palpable energy running deep at the Pin Show…the kind of energy that gets the blood flowing and makes your heart palpitate a bit faster. We live for moments like this…right? This is why you come here—to absorb all that energy and truly appreciate the passion these designer’s have for their work.

The design pendulum went from left to right we saw it all. There were hits and misses too! The show included sixteen emerging designers and eight veteran designers for a grand total of twenty-four lines hitting the runway. Each designer showcased six of their “best” looks on the runway, featuring menswear, women’s ready-to-wear, avant-garde, bridal, jewelry, handbags, intimates, and resort wear.

The designer’s line-up included: C.H.R.O.M.A. Kae & Jae, Becky Hollands, Charmaine Marshall, Marek+Richard, megMORGAN, Folksie Menswear, Le’Venity, Blokes n Divas, Tracy Popken, Yomono, Gia Rodriguez, Thriii, Little Day Dresses, Coco Franco, Cykochick, Hardly Alice, Rochelle Rodriguez, LHP, Meloancholic Design, Ann Hoang by Ann Hoang, This One Woman, Sandbarri, and M.V.C by Misty Chanel.

As for our favorite? Hands down it was Hardly Alice! There’s something quite captivating about Gwendolyn Grewal design’s…perhaps its the Romanesque

purity mixed against that Parisian allure her designs exude. Imagine, a feminine silhouette colored strictly in black and white, and then finished with frilled hemlines or embellished collards…the surprising element came via blush-colored silk tulle gloves, adorned with floating flowers or pearls. It was magical!

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the marriage proposal between the design duo from Sandbarri, Annie Barrientos and Aldo Sandoval—Yes you heard right, Mr. Sandoval proposed to Miss Barrientos at the end of their presentation and of course she said yes—how could you not! Now, that’s how you steal the spotlight.

Just like clothes the audience at the Pin Show was extremely diverse—from fashion enthusiasts to everyday Dallasites. Among the notables were Bri Crum, LeeAnne Locken, Gina Ginsburg, Jarrod Fresquez, Steve Kemble, Jackson, Jim Duran, and many more Dallas’ fashion dwellers.

It's always amazing to see how much talent Dallas has to offer—a city that the everyday person may not think as a fashion destination, but they're dead wrong because Dallas it's a city boasting with hyper creative designers and luckily, the Pin show its the perfect portal for designers to debut their fashion offerings for the world to see with open eyes.

The Pin Show is the kind of show you go in search of new talent—the kind of talent that’s suppose to make your fashion radar go gaga, whether because its really good or its completely atrocious. Non-the-less, there's was plenty of fashion to go around at this year's Pin Show spectacular!

To learn more about the Pin Show please visit: 20" target="_blank">www.thepinshow.com

All Images by Solomon Higgs for Fashion Scoop