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400;">Like the most alluring and breathtaking snowdrift that makes you want to dive in head first and luxuriate in the pristine softness, so was Binzario Couture400;">'s Visions of White400;"> preview, their second fundraiser for RoundUpForAutism.org400;">'s Autism Treatment Centers of Texas400;">. The presentation of art and fashion at a private Highland Park400;"> estate was a simply magnificent success for Binzario Couture's designers Andre Yabin400;"> and Luis Nizario400;"> personally, as well as for RoundUpForAutism.org, and even 400;">more400;"> so for those fans and supporters that came out of the woodwork to see the spectacular event last Thursday night.

400;">RoundUp's executive director, the beautiful and gracious Gina Marx400;"> (wearing Binzario, of 400;">course400;">, and attending with her gregarious husband David Marx400;">), said that based on their previous success with Andre and Luis, she suggested that they show RoundUp's artwork for their upcoming 27th Annual Pegasus Ball400;"> (September 19th at the Fairmont400;">, tickets available through roundupforautism.org) at Binzario's studio. But Andre took the suggestion and ran with it.

400;">Said Marx, "He (Andre) envisioned the entire event and gathered all the sponsors (Patron Magazine400;">, DFW Lounge Rentals400;">, DiFiori400;">, the Ladies Polo Auxilliary400;">, Bon Affair400;">, Park Place Jaguar400;"> and Cason Homes400;">), and turned it into an over-the-top sensation." Marx continued by saying they were, "So grateful for Binzario's love and support, so grateful to call them family, and so excited for them to have this opportunity." Expertly promoted by the fabulous Alison Volk400;"> and her team from Alison Volk PR400;">, the unveiling was sensational.

400;">With a suggestion of all white attire for the guests, the effect was deliriously stunning. Visions of White was a vision of jaw-dropping gorgeousness - Andre and Luis' work is true couture in its complexity, its craftsmanship, the unique fabrics, styling and embellishments. The hand-embroideries and hand-beading that was showcased are a Binzario signature, and there were enough styles on display (400;">and400;"> on the attendees) that virtually 400;">everyone 400;">there saw something they coveted. Note that 400;">all400;"> the dresses at

the event are available now in white and, grab your wallet, 400;">black400;"> at Binzario.com.

400;">Noted, of course, for their bridal couture (the wedding gowns on display were to die for - one of them 400;">so400;"> beautiful that I not only had a lump in my throat, but tears in my eyes), bridal was 400;">not400;"> the focus of this event. It was the debut of Binzario's cocktail dress collection that we were viewing - some of it for Binzario's upcoming show at New York Fashion Week400;"> (September 13, 6pm at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre400;">).

400;">I arrived with my old friend Grant Gentry Hicks400;">, and before we even got inside, we were surrounded by beauties Phyllis Comu400;">, Carinthia Kishaba400;">, Carmen Surgent400;">, Britt Harless400;">, a bevy of other glitterati, and a gaggle of paparazzi. 400;">They400;"> of course, followed instructions and wore shades of white, but Grant and I, long on style but short on white, stuck out like garish birds in a snowstorm. Many of the usual dazzling suspects were there - Leah Lacey Pasant400;">, LeeAnne Locken400;">, Yvonne Crum, Kathy Veith400;">, Regina Bruce400;">, Christi Nix400;">, Mary Bentley400;">, Naila Malik400;">, Rhonda Kraus400;">, Chuck Steelman400;"> and 400;">dozens400;"> of others just 400;">too400;"> fabulous to mention.

400;">Among my personal favorites were Vintage Martini400;">'s vivacious Ken Weber400;">, glamourous premiere portrait artist Tatyana Murphy400;">, socialite Ekaterina Kouznetsova400;"> and her longtime beau Michael Dylan400;">, RoundUp's executive director,400;"> and soon-to-be neurosurgeon Andrea Elaine Pearson-Haas400;">. But it was Dallas newcomers Jesse400;"> and Brooke Nelson400;"> who 400;">really 400;">caught my eye - Grant and I adored them. Expect to be hearing more about them soon.

Binzario Couture Runway Show | New York Fashion Week 2015 | Sept .13th | @ Alvin Ailey Theatre | 405 W. 55th ST. 5th Floor New York, NY 10019