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Why Men Are Losing Their Touch

In the 50s when technology was low and communication wasn't as easy, people were able to fall in love sincerely and they figured out how to make it work, even through the hard times.  They made an effort to see each other, be together and spend quality time. 

In our generation, all it requires to connect with someone is a click of a button from the comfort of your home.  Dating websites and apps have made it so easy to jump from one person to another without ever feeling any sort of real emotion. 


Let's play out how a typical meet and greet sounds:

Men: Hey, you're hot, send me more pics.

Women: *Sends more pics* seeking approval and fishing for compliments.


Men: Hey, nice profile pic, want to grab a drink?

Women: Hey thanks, sure, where do you want to meet?


BAM! That's it. It's that easy! Both are probably at home in their PJs or walking around somewhere in a crowd, all alone and just like that, they have arranged a date. Obviously, it wouldn't play out exactly like that but for simplicity purposes, that's pretty much how it would go. 

No dressing up and getting flowers and picking the girl up and wondering what her favorite books are or what movie makes her cry. It's all right there, laid out on her Facebook Page or dating profile page or whatever app/website page you met her through. Just like a resume, everything you would need to learn  about someone is pretty much summed up, in a nutshell. Dating has just gotten to be so easy. 

You guys go out, if you two click, you date. If you two don't, you move on and repeat. Dating itself, is so systematic these days, lacking substance, intelligence and honest connection. People are okay with mediocre "relationships" because they're so unfamiliar with what a relationship actually consists


Now, some, maybe most of you may disagree and to those who do, I'm sure you get labeled all kinds of things because you don't follow the above concept.

` I know in my personal experience, many men have considered me to be "stuck-up" or "high maintenance" because I wanted more than just to exchange pictures before actually meeting with them for a drink. I've been labeled "picky" and "needy" because I wanted to know more about them as an individual and wanted to converse with them before physically hanging out with them.  But with how easy it is these days to just pick up a date, my expectations were looked upon as "requiring too much work" or "princess-y" (which, by definition, is a woman who always wants things her way) 

All of these labels, for me,  are far from the truth, but that's how lazy men have gotten. You meet a woman who wants to converse and feel a connection before interacting with you in person and instead of recognizing that as a quality trait, you have written it off as a personality defect, because you're looking for a quick hook up or for a filler girlfriend until someone "better" comes along. It's no wonder there are so many single women roaming around, BY CHOICE, I might add; not to say it's because all men suck, but I can say without hesitation that a lot of it has to do with the men and their lack of effort.  

Men are no longer putting forth any effort in trying to look nice, impress you or getting to know you. It's a sad, sad world.

On the flip side, there are those who try too hard, or who are too nice and over-do it, which is just as bad. Perhaps it is me…either way it goes, there is no doubt that men are slacking in their "style" of approach. 

Want to start getting our attention and keeping it? Try the old fashioned basics. Whether  you're just looking to get laid or looking for a meaningful relationship, remember, having a girlfriend equals a guarantee lay. Do the math, fellas.

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  • Jubei Mercado

    Good articulation of your thoughts. Thank you for writing this! I agree that chivalry is indeed… dead.

  • David

    Interesting article. Well written and the author makes valid points. It is rather hilarious to see a dude show up to a date wearing a t-shirt and then wonder what went wrong.