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Just go. It will be phenomenal. Fine jewelry designer BRITT HARLESS is about to unleash her new collection WINTER BRANCHES IN BASTILLE on an unsuspecting public. Harless is a force of nature, the kind I just love. With her new company BAHZ, this debut collection is an exquisite example of great beauty coming out of great hardship. Warriors. Gladiators. Survivors. Call us what you will – it is grace in the onslaught of seemingly indomitable odds – and it takes one to know one. Within the last two years, Harless experienced the passing of her best friend, leaving two motherless goddaughters, she became her ailing father's main caregiver... and her nine-year old dog got cancer and died. It can be crushing for some people, but for Britt, she turned to the trees.

Says Harless, endlessly studying the oak trees in her backyard as if to memorize them in her despair, “The ebbs and flows of the branches nodding in different directions was so gorgeous... Even when the trees were bare, they still represented strength, nurture, protection and resilience. Their stoic, imperfect beauty was stunning. Inspired by their message of annual renewal, I started to sketch again, and once I started, I could not stop.” And we are all richer for that. In

gold plate, sterling and bronze, the thoughtful creations reflect the DALLAS-born designer's FRENCH heritage (her family is among the First 100 European settlers in TEXAS) as each piece is named after a street around the BASTILLE in PARIS – a sly reference to the prison of trauma and drama from which Harless emerged after her own revolution.

So come join Britt as she celebrates freedom – freedom of nature, freedom of oppression, as well as freedom from parking with complementary valet ;) freedom from deciding what to eat or drink with hors d'oeurves and cocktail service, and freedom from having to decide what to listen to since you'll have DJs JENNIFER MILLER and PAUL PAREDES for your ear candy. But really all we have to do is celebrate this gorgeous new collection that has sprung from the heart of a gorgeous human being. Wet your lips.

"Winter Branches in Bastille Collection by BAHZ | Thursday October 15th, 2015 | KINDLY [email protected]

By Stephen MacMillan Moser, Photography: Randy Anderson, MUAH: Paige Anderson, Styling and Art Direction: Jeanette Chivvis

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Photography by: Randy Anderson
  • Britt Harless

    Stephen MacMillan Moser I absolutely ADORE you! I love the way your write. Beautiful. Thank you so very much for your support and support of your fashion community. You are a blessing. Looking forward to seeing you at the launch!!

  • Lilit Matevosyan

    Beautifully written article!

  • An amazing Collection from an even more Amazing Person! Go Britt!