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Oh, the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards can only be described in two words; magical and outrageous! The VMA’s were held last Sunday at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Celebrities from all over the globe came rushing in their borrowed designer outfits, from Nicki Minaj to Jennifer Lopez and from Iggy Azalea to Beyoncé; of course the rest of Hollywood was there too!

Only in America can you find an award show solely dedicated to recognize the “achievements” of young women and men wearing sparkly onesies; while lip-syncing their mega-hits that we happily hear on the radio. As you already know the VMA’s are anything but ordinary. No one really cares who wins, it’s the performances that keep us entertain for two and a half


And how can you not include the fashion at the VMA’s; the red carpet was filled with head-turning and head-scratching looks. We saw it all, including a nearly naked Amber Rose and Katy Perry in head-to-toe denim speckled with sparkling studs.

Many of the celebrities went to the world’s best fashion houses for their VMA outfits; Jennifer Lopez in Charbel Zoe, Iggy Azalea in Atelier Versace, Chloe Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton, Lorde in Chanel, Rita Orain Donna Karan, Ariana Grande in Moschino, Demi Lovato in Lanvin, Kim Kardashian in Balmain, and Beyoncé in Nicolas Jebran.

As always, the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards were just WILD, there’s no judgment in that. It’s expected and we love it!

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Photography by: MTV Video Music Awards