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June Ambrose & Chloe Gosselin

Showing shoes can be tricky, but French model-turned-designer Chloe Gosselin gets it right. Again. Gosselin hears a lot of affirmations and accolades these days, as if her name is on everyone’s lips and they are all whispering, “Yesss.” In Dallas, the always innovative Stanley Korshak has been carrying Gosselin’s creations for several seasons, and now the designer has been picked up by Barney’s New York. And after seeing her Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection, inspired by Valentine’s Day, you’ll be nodding your head too.

Like an odalisque in an Ingres painting, the Gosselin Woman, in romantic deshabille, perches on a luxurious bed, surrounded by shoes. No shopgirl fantasy, this is a woman whose private realm, her inner sanctum, reveals her strong sense of self, a contentment with life, and the heady confidence of knowing she created it all. Gosselin worked with award-winning, celebrity interior designer Nicole Fuller to transform the mythical Lori Bookstein Fine Art space into the boudoir for the New York show. Lush flowers from Putnam & Putnam bedecked the scene, and sumptuous bedding and accessories set the stage for the shoes.

Ah, the shoes. Sensual and seductive – without ever being slutty, these are the shoes women truly lust after. Not the vulgar stripper heels designed to appeal to men, but shoes that appeal to the woman herself. Handmade in Italy of course, the shoes are named after poisonous flowers. This bouquet of beauty fills the air with the charm and bluster of rosy Valentine’s red, along with a deeper red, petal pink, and candy-heart lavender intermingled with metallic silver snakeskin and delicate camel suedes and dove-gray pony hairs, black matte and patent leathers. The designer says, “Every woman who wears these shoes should be wearing them for herself, to make herself feel great.”

Fine lacing and asymmetrical touches with zippers or cut-outs keep a fluid and organic line. The Narcissus, a delicate sandal with serpentine ankle straps, seduces in silver karung; and the thigh-high stretch suede Galanthus boot sheaths the leg in strength and softness. Lobelia, a bootie marrying snakeskin and fine mesh, dazzles in silver or blood red; while Bryonia plays it softer in periwinkle. Two-tone styles, such as the Nightshade bootie in forest green and black, and Larkspur in silver with yellow or lavender suede command plenty of attention as well.

Notable fans of Gosselin include the divine June Ambrose, Emma Elwick-Bates, Gabrielle Prescod, Shiona Turini, Lennon Stella, Melissa Moreno and Jill LambiasiRegina Yazdi, Stephanie Siu Wai Curley and Simon, Day Brown, Paige Tiller, Madison Barrington, Sam Broekema, Mickey Boardman, Nausheen Shah, Mary Lynne Estella, Melissa Marks and Melissa Moreno, Alvio Mancuso and Kasia Pysiak, Genevieve Jewel, Carol Vandale, Joseph Bunge and Jacqui Simione, Chloe Hartstein, and Shannon Hoey. Shop the collection here