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Colorful Youth

This spring season we are raving about color and how to wear it, even the spring 2014 collections were saturated with vivid hues. From London to Milan to Paris, there was an outrage of color segmentation.

To showcase this vibrant trend, we could only think of Edo Popken of Switzerland, which is located in the Design District of Dallas. Designer Edo Popken carries a variety of vibrant color separates, and bold details that would make any man stand out amongst others.

We believe that color is a great way to inject excitement and freshness into your wardrobe this season. You’ll be looking sharp and youthful. So whether you want to make a statement for the latest event around town or are looking for a

more refined approach to the colorful trend, Edo Popken of Switzerland has you covered.

Now gentlemen, we all know that us guys like to dress in a more conservative manner in comparison to the opposite sex. So if you want to embrace some color into your wardrobe, you’ll need to have a massive amount of assurance and start scrapping this outdated idea of filling up your wardrobe with grey and monochrome hues; and most importantly you’ll need to stop being intimidated by bright colors and instead, welcome them into your personal style. It’s all about the way you carry it. You can look just as masculine wearing bright fuchsia pants, as you would wear black pants, if you just wear it with confidence.