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As more and more readers are getting addicted to the daily doses of Fashion Scoop, we feel we owe it to the public to disclose our “secret ingredients”. We issue a warning: our content is addictive, stimulating and downright unparalleled in its scope, or should we say “scoop”. is not just about Fashion; we scoop up the best the creative world has to offer and deliver it to you in a delectable daily format – something new each day.

Where we are: Move over LA and New York, Dallas has come to the Fashion scene. Our thriving, pulsing with energy city is the economic epicenter that draws the best talent in art, fashion, design and technology. Are you surprised? Don’t be. Haven’t you heard that everything is bigger in Texas? You must see it to believe it. From the stadium-shattering concerts, to the world-class art exhibits, from exclusive fashion offerings to the high-class celebrity-studded private parties – will indulge your desire for thrilling experiences of Dallas-Fort Worth. After all, you have to be in on it – and we are definitely in!

Our Mission: is the answer to the needs of the new generation. You want it now? You want it here? We will deliver it to you. Video content, eye-catching imagery, brief, captivating and informative stories – we fulfill the 21st century’s need for instant gratification. Fashion fix is at your fingertips. No one, but us will bring to you an intimate inside look at the Dallas art, lifestyle and fashion scene, and keep you in the know of the electrifying developments happening in the creative world around the globe. Our Mission is to indulge your senses, highlight your world, entertain your mind and, most of all, ride with you into the fabulously changing world of the future.

Indulge Your Fashion Obsession

Runway: We respect and revere the masters of Fashion, Haute Couture is in our hearts and on our digital pages. As we are looking towards the future, we will scour the international runway scene to bring to you the best of young talent, the vision of the upcoming future, the irreverent and the unexpected. We are the voice of tomorrow, not the echo of the past.

Get Your Fashion Fix

Trends: is listening, is mindful, is aware… Do you know that the published trends are the constructs of authorities like Pantone Color institute, for example? We want to see more! We want to bring your more! Our world is moving, is fluid and is immediate. We are not only here to report trends, we are here to influence them. Interior design? Art Scene? Social Movements? Cultural influences? We are here to reflect them and to blend them into one vibrant creative scene. is here to mix things up! You pick your trend! We give you tools to be unique.

Satisfy Your Cravings

Art: Fashion is Art. Fashion is just one of many facets of Artistic Expression. will bring you stories of old masterpieces, contemporary geniuses and new discoveries, of masters and new talents. We are dedicated to educate, and to shock. Art is alive, so are you, so are we! Let’s partake!

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Shopping: Oh that sin of indulgence, that sensual experience, that guilty pleasure of submission to one’s desires. Give into all of your Fashion wants and needs. Let us enable you to satisfy your deepest desires as we take you on a journey for the holidays’ of the best trends, styles, cuisine, art, parties, fashion legends and up-comers that Dallas has to offer. You will never have enough, as we unwrap your obsession with SPLENDOR through unique images and compelling stories, and heighten your senses to crave the daily dose of Fashion prescription.

Indulge Your Fashion Obsession

Campaign: We are not shy; our boldness is striking the cord of Holiday Obsession. Nothing is beyond limits. Gratification – at all costs. Luxury is the norm, at least for the time being. Succumb to temptation, partake of the pleasures! The answers to your desires are within reach.

A Glimpse Forward: Indulgence comes with a price. Sinful behaviors call for repentance. New Year will welcome new resolutions. Follow to find a way to a new you, or at least a better version of you, you’ve always wanted to see. We are getting ready for a fun ride!

Indulge Your Fashion Obsession


Photographer: Bode Helm

Producer: Holly Kissinger

Creative Direction: Brittanie Buchannan

Hair & Make UP: Sara Domi – Propaganda Hair Group

Assistant Hair & Make-Up: Shawna Parvin

Stylist: Stephanie Quadri

Assistant Stylist: Havilah Bender

Models: The Campbell Agency: Haley Sheffield, Kathryn Havens, Trevor Eberhart, Daniel Yakobcuk

Wallflower Management: Ciera Prestil

Participating Retail Stores: Stanley Korshak, Forty Five Ten, Tootsies, Traffic LA, Grange Hall, and V.O.D.

Special Thanks to Gary Riggs Home Interiors

Photography by: Bode Helm