fashion Editorial

Double Trouble Part One

The sheer radiance of a summer day can only be matched by the unapologetic flamboyance and playfulness of knitwear designer Marek+Richard sizzling creations.

In a collection packed with fun and fresh designs, it only makes sense for model Christian Samuel Torres to lend his beauty and untamed energy for our swimwear editorial, “Double Trouble.”

The unmistakable designs of Marek+Richard radiate cool-kid attitude mixed with street fashion, youth trends, and

pop-culture. Oh, and did I mention its proudly made in the good ole U.S.A.

This electrifying fashion editorial has been divided into two parts so stay tune for chapter two of “Double Trouble” Hint: It’s all about accessories.

“Eat Me” Low Armhole Tank-Top - Soaked Solid Trunk Swimsuit

Soaked Solid Board Short

Junk Cropped Mesh Tee - Soaked Solid Bikini Swimsuit

“Suck on It” Tee  - Soaked Solid Trunk Swimsuit

XTASY Tank - Grey Cabin Brief