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Emporio Armani + Rankin = Dreamtime

Emporio Armani chose British photographer and filmmaker Rankin to interpret their Spring/Summer 2016 collection in a promotional film. Rankin was an excellent choice for Armani because of his diversity of approaches, his limitless imagination, and his name, all of which is keeping London atwitter with his dazzling campaigns.

Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood – an era of dreamy escapism, unapologetic romance, in-your-face glamour, and thrilling action – Rankin cast actress/model Immy Waterhouse (sister of the ubiquitous glamourgirl Suki Waterhouse) in his film. Parenthetically, the rising and the setting of the sun define this short promo, a colorful time-lapse epic, from dawn till dusk. He takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride that harks back to Tinseltown of yesteryear where everybody was a dreamer and everybody a star.

A trailer-style tale, influenced by the layered pinks and corals of the Emporio Armani collection, the promo explores a day in the life of starlet Immy, played out in front of a giant LED screen. Celluloid heroines, studio backlots and nostalgic musical scores round out this fantasy, swathed in grandeur and grit, pleasure and pathos, style and substance. Just like Hollywood. Just like Rankin. And just like Emporio Armani. Visit

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Photography by: RANKIN