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Enigmatic and Compelling Geoffrey Henning

Someone once told me that life is filled with memorable experiences and when you work in fashion, trust me, life is certainly full of experiences and memorable moments. Throughout my career in fashion, I have had the highest honor of meeting fascinating designers, beautiful models, and dozens of other colorful fashion characters!

Honestly though, some are more memorable than others! But most of them have left a indelible impression on me – and certainly one of those who has left just such an impression is designer, Geoffrey Henning. In my book he is simply unforgettable!

Geoffrey Henning gives us more than just exceptional garments. Without EVER being vulgar he gives women a sense of freedom and untamed sensuality. For you see, Henning is a master at the mystery of his muse. He is no doubt hyper-aware of the feminine body, and what it means to be a modern woman. There is a constant sense of mystery and curiosity that surrounds his work and today’s collections is no exception.

Fashion maven, Diana Vreeland once said, "the eye has to travel." After viewing Geoffrey Henning's latest collection I must admit that my eyes did in fact travel!

Henning's latest collection is a celebration of the female body — there is an explosion of sensuous fabrics like satin and silk, and these fabrics, no doubt, have been chosen because they expertly accentuate the female form by gently skimming the body as they hang. Henning combines soft femininity and bold colors against a dizzying array of graphics like polka dots and stripes. These combinations meld into one perfect embodiment that truly transcends the seasons. Henning’s creations empower women and treat them a sense of freedom and untamed sensuality.

One of my favorite Geoffrey Henning quotes is, "women should wear the clothes...the clothes should never wear the woman." It is obvious that Henning keeps this mantra and the female form in his mind when designing his collections. Confidence, elegance, and sensuality will overcome the woman who wears Geoffrey Henning's one-of-a-kind creations. So why don’t you get yourself your very own Geoffrey Henning original?

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Stylist: Michelle Claassen, Hair & Makeup: Roscelyn Citzman, Models provided by The Campbell Agency | Photography by Aaron Fairooz 

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Photography by: Aaron Fairooz