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“We represent the transmutation of ancient cultural expressions that re-emerge into modern life. It is valuable testimony of our popular culture reflected in the mirror of the world.” As lovely as the words are, what they really mean are, it's all about the prints at MEXICO CITY's PINEDA-COVALIN. Brilliant, bold, striking and dramatic, or conversely, soft, alluring, tactile and subtle, the prints on the clothes and accessories from the design house's FALL/WINTER 2015-16 collection make a serious statement. Sleek, sharp angular lines devoid of any extraneous detailing show off Pineda-Covalin's prints perfectly in square-cut cropped jackets, tunics, fluid A-line dresses, wide-legged pants, as well as narrow cropped pants.

In misty, blurry, MONET-ish prints, or various combinations of bright pastels, the collection's international elements are clear (“It is a well-deserved tribute to the anonymous creators who captured Latin America's cosmogony throughout time in fantastic designs,”) in a show that was both exotic and sophisticated; one that not only travels from day into evening, but from LATIN AMERICA to NEW

YORK to PARIS and beyond. I love that the press release says, “Pineda-Covalin is an invitation to travel across the roads of Latin America by looking ahead to a modern world through the eyes of its history, traditions, cultural diversity, ethnic multiplicity and plentiful imagination.”

It is through Pineda-Covalin's new TEXAS representative and distributor FRANCISCO CARBAJAL, and his company CONSTANT CLOSING GROUP LLC, that we have access to designers such as Pineda-Covalin. “It has always been a dream to represent such unique and high-fashion designers in Texas,” says Carbajal. “I love the brand and the deep roots they represent. May we have a long and prosperous partnership.” We're looking forward to that too, and plenty more from Pineda-Covalin.

Visit to learn more. | Instagram @pindedacovalin #PinedaCovalin

Photography by AARON FAIROOZ, written by Stephen MacMillan Moser, Art Direction & Styling by Michelle Claassen, Model Natalie Gempel from The Campbell Agency, Hair & Make-up Artist Cheryll Smith The Campbell Agency

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Photography by: Aaron Fairooz