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Finlay & Co: “Designed in London. Enjoyed Worldwide”

Nothing says great style and excellent taste quite like the right accessory. I mean — the “right” accessory can take any ensemble to the next level. As for my favorite accessory, you asked?

It has to be a great pair of sunglasses – the ultimate accessory a women or men can own. Oftentimes, eyewear says a lot about a person’s personality – some like their eyewear to be elegant and understated, while others like them to be big and dramatic. What’s your pick?

I think – everybody would agree in the fact that great craftsmanship and great design are the two qualities everyone wants their eyewear to have. Right? And I cannot think of any other brand that possesses both qualities – of course I’m talking about non other than Finlay & Co.

Finlay & Co was founded by four friends with an aspiration to draw out people’s individuality by designing eyewear, which

can only be described as unique, desirable and wearable.

Finlay & Co is committed to design and innovation, to produce eyewear unlike any other. They’re inspired by the individual not by the collective, which allows for a truly one of a kind product.

There’s an uncompromised approach to the Finlay & Co frame — the sunglasses are handcrafted using up to 32 stages of intricate craftsmanship. Made from only the finest materials, using either sustainable hardwoods or cellulose acetates; the frames are strong, durable and luxurious in finish. They use polarized lenses in their entire collection, offering full UVA and UVB protection.

In the end, Finlay & Co creates more than just a great pair of sunglasses…they create wearable luxury!

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