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Youthful and raw, exhilarating and edgy, sparkling with personality and refreshingly crisp – the new film campaign for the Lebanese designer Elie Saab’ brings to mind a sip of cold bubbly champagne. The film was directed by Rankin and his partner in film crime Vicky Lawton. The creative pair generated on screen a joyful atmosphere rarely associated with a fashion review. Clothes are not modeled, but lived in; they come to life with every turn, twist, step and jump. The video narration switches from black-and-white to color, from stylized poses to unrehearsed frolicking.

“Forever Young” campaign features two beautiful stars of today’s fashion – super models Eve Delf and

Charlotte Wiggins. Their fresh and playful on screen chemistry embodies Elie Saab’s vision of young women of today: strong, sensual, and full of youthful energy. The models play up their competitive spirits on stage and in life and turn a professional stand-off into playful camaraderie. The new collection reflects all the sides of a young female: delicate lace and bold stripes, flowing fabrics and structured tailoring. Even though I am closer in age to fifty than to fifteen, I am definitely tempted to try on some of Elie Saab’s new pieces and try to stay “Forever Young”.

The video shoot was styled by Fashion Editor Anna Hughes Chamberlain. Visit

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Photography by: VICKY LAWTON