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François Nars X Todd Sanfield Collaboration

Todd Sanfield: The evocation of beauty and talent by François Nars

The work of the world-renown photographer François Nars always speaks for itself. It needs no introductions and always garners professional acclaim. As such, opportunities to collaborate with the famous master are rare and especially valued. Recently, Todd Sanfield, model turned designer, teamed up with Nars to develop the new Sanfield’s brand campaign of his eponymous underwear line. It is a rare, and may I say, an enviable chance to design, model and present your own product. Todd appeared in the advertisement campaign in his brand’s most popular styles – a trunk, brief and jockstrap.

Fortuitous meeting between Sanfield and Nars happened by a chance encounter in a New York City Magazine store, Casa Magazines in the West Village, which led to conversations about a possible collaboration in the future. Their mutual understanding and cohesive vision resulted in this fall 2016 campaign – the inspiring start of their artistic partnership.

“The very first time I saw pictures of Todd, I knew I wanted to work with him one day. I was struck by his strength throughout the images…his bone structure and undeniable sex appeal,” said Francois Nars. “The Todd Sanfield underwear line makes perfect sense since Todd knows the body so well.”

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Todd Sanfield was represented by IMG agency, and modeled while receiving a college education. His time as a model led to his inspiration to begin the underwear line, founding his men’s underwear brand in 2010 as he was accepted to a graduate Pharmacy program at a university in Michigan, earning his PharmD. Determined to bring his dreams to fruition, Sanfield pursued his education and business endeavors, developing an exclusive underwear line in a microfiber blend of Modal and Elastane available at

“He (Francois) is one of the most kind and truly genuine individuals I have ever met,” said Sanfield. “Meeting and working with him was a surreal experience and I feel honored that he feels so highly of me and the Todd Sanfield brand.”

I can only add that it is a rare and generous gift of nature to be endowed with beauty, talent and brains. Todd Sanfield definitely has them all. It almost doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Todd Sanfield Fall/Winter 2016  |  Shop Here
Todd Sanfield Fall/Winter 2016  |  Shop Here

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Photography by: François Nars