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In a stroke of genius photographer, Emilia Gaston captured the true brilliance of gold in a series of images titled, “Gilded.” Both optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to all it touches; it illuminates and enhances everything around it…just like model Lily Mekeel, whose exotic beauty helped capture the true essence of gold.

The use of complimentary colors bring-out the many different hues enclosed within this luminous color. These

dynamic images explore different interpretations of gold; they show the diversity of the color, and how it could be incorporated into different outfits.

So, it only makes sense for fashion stylist Chelcie Guidry to advocate for gold this season. I mean – who wouldn’t advocate for gold, for it is the color of prosperity and absolute power? Gold: because it embraces both the genuine and the faux. After all, one does not strive for silver but for gold!

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