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Greek Goddess

Surely the Grecian gods and goddesses look down from Mount Olympus with awe and envy as they gaze upon the latest bespoke, truly one-of-a-kind creations by Kerri Halpern, and entitled “Mythology.” Breathtaking creations in 18k gold, platinum, topaz, opal, rhodolite, tourmaline, garnets, amethyst and diamonds (just to name a few) range from free-form rings and bracelets to highly structured earrings and necklaces.  These bold designs radiantly capture the feminine mystique utilizing, at times, exquisite delicacy and at other times, daringly dense and edgy construction.  The color palettes incorporate a range of brazen ambers, subtle cerulean, and astounding crimsons accented with the brilliance of diamonds.  Without doubt, you’ll be the talk of the party when adorned in these creations from this awe-inspiring collection.

Ms. Halpern’s Poseidon Collection is presented here and is rivaled only by the breath-taking beauty of Jordan Raines dressed and styled as only a Greek Goddess would be. As the God of the Sea, Poseidon’s influences of power and self-assurance are obvious in this, his namesake collection.

Incredible heft and delicate coloration are exquisitely balanced the Poseidon Collection from Madstone Design. These striking creations are composed of green and blue amethysts with pave set ombré white, cognac and blue diamonds. The hand-carved prongs that hold each stone are inventively modeled on Poseidon’s Trident, his mythological symbol of power. The smooth-cut, opaque and cerulean-colored stones bring to mind the sun-soaked, beachside resorts of the Maldives while the pebble-stone construction is reminiscent of a seaside stroll on a secluded South-Pacific island.

The Greek God, Apollo, known for his association with the sun and his generous gifts to mankind, inspired the pieces in this image. Ms. Halpern took Apollo’s gifts of opal, sunstone, carnelian, and diamonds and crafted a brilliant piece of jewelry. The necklace virtually leaps off the photograph! The blazing color in the dense, smooth-cut fire opal and the ingenious use of filigree-like treatments surrounding it combine to form a blazing spectacle of jewel-encrusted rays of light with brilliance and flash.

The sparkling intensity and staggering proportions of the ring featured here are truly worthy of this design’s namesake, Poseidon. The large blue amethyst surrounded by a sea of twinkling diamonds is truly worthy of its patron, The God of the Sea.

A daring collaboration of pieces from the Ares and Persephone collections are combined in this image and astonish us with color, style and craftsmanship. The ring features the blazing visage of Persephone rendered in hand-carved bas-relief on citrine. Ms. Halpern cleverly embellishes the piece with gleaming accents of rubies, orange and yellow sapphires, fire opals and finishes it with just the right number of flawlessly placed diamonds. This exquisitely rendered ring couples superbly with the earrings and matching drop of the same materials. The unforgettable ring is coupled earring/pendant set from the Ares collection. Rendered in blood red garnet drops as befits the

Greek God of War, Ms. Halpern splendidly finished these pieces with 18K gold gladiator helmets and diamond encrusted swirls of fury. Ares and Persephone….a match truly made in heaven!

This stunning trio of designs comes from collections Ms. Halpern has entitled, Field of Elysium, Medusa and Bacchus. The earrings, from the Field of Elysium collection, feature tourmaline baguettes and amethyst. These earrings, with their elongated-cut stones and clearly defined angularity are vaguely reminiscent of a modern take on art deco. Two rings adorn our model, the gorgeous Jordan Raines. On the middle finger is a ring from the Medusa collection. This 18K gold-coiled snake is embellished with tsavorites, orange sapphires, and combined with champagne and white diamonds. As if that would suffice, we’ve also included a ring inspired by Bacchus, the God of Wine. It features a rare, merlot-colored, center stone in tourmaline surrounded by purple sapphire briolettes, resembling grapes. Ms. Halpern’s dazzling finish of this ring on the shank consists of ivy garlands, like those Bacchus himself wore in his crown.

Magnificent creations inspired by the Goddess of War, Athena, are featured here. Ms. Halpern creates a dreamy, free flowing wave of splendor in a necklace made of 18K gold, sunstone, tourmaline, orange sapphires and cognac diamonds. The ring on the left hand is a monument to densely constructed, yet femininely inspired, creations by this incredibly imaginative designer. The ring reminds us of a heavily bejeweled shield…the only kind we would ever take to battle! You may have already noticed, but the Persephone ring makes another appearance…we just can’t get enough!

Now, the questions that begs to be answer, where to purchase these exceptional jewels? Of course, this impressive collection is not available at the local department store, but you bet is available by appointment at the NINE-EIGHTEEN boutique. A dynamic, second-generation jewelry boutique located on leafy Turtle Creek in Dallas.

Nine-Eighteen is a highly exclusive jewelry boutique operated by brother and sister duo, Darin Kunz and Kim Burgan. This forceful and creative team has joined forces to bring you a new experience in jewelry. “Nine-Eighteen is committed to providing the highest standards of personal service and quality craftsmanship for their clientele…” No detail is spare here and no request is too small or too big! Having learned the jewelry business by their parents from the ground up at an early age, they understand there is no substitute for the fundamentals: “quality, service and artistry.”

By compromising “contemporary, cutting-edge knowledge of trends with a respect for history and a thorough knowledge of precious stones, metals and designs, Nine-Eighteen truly brings a modern approach to the world of jewelry.

Whether, you are looking for a simple, everyday piece or an elaborate one-of-a-kind jewel, Nine-Eighteen is sure to make your jewelry fantasies into reality. So, why don’t you set up an appointment for your own private showing?




NINE-EIGHTEEN.COM - 214-252-1918

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Photography by: Nicollette Mollet