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Houston’s Fashion Fairy Godmother

Houston’s Fashion Fairy Godmother

Have you ever imagined walking into a room wearing a spectacular couture gown that made you feel like you hopped straight out of a fairytale? A gown so beautiful you’ve finally achieved #princessgoals? For many of us, this is only a dream because we can’t imagine how many Soul Cycle classes and blowouts we’d have to give-up to buy one of these gowns, but lucky for us, there’s a hidden gem in Texas that’s rivaling the top dress designers and making your dream of becoming a princess come true. Meet your modern day Fairy Godmother, Chasity Sereal.

A Houston native and mother of two, Chasity is a self-taught designer whose inspiration is drawn from the fairytale movies she’s watched with her daughters. “I blame my daughters for my designs,” Sereal says laughingly. “They were largely inspired by the hundreds of Disney movies I’ve watched with them.” But these aren’t your average princess gowns. With her whimsical designs and elaborate fabrics, Chasity’s creations will make you feel more like you fell down a rabbit hole than finding something to wear for Prince Charming. “My designs are very intensive,” says Chasity. “All of my gowns are custom so my clients can make it their own.”

However, it wasn’t an easy start for Chasity. This fairytale began at age twenty when her mother bought her a sewing machine and she created a tutu with hot glue. “It was horrible,” laughs Sereal. “The construction was poor, the fabric was cheap, but I’m a visual learner and started watching YouTube videos to improve.” Interestingly, it was through these videos she found herself drawn to designers who were willing to take risks – particularly Alexander McQueen & Jeremy Scott who are known for their avant-garde and highly critiqued designs. “They earned respect for not listening,” states Sereal. “Design allows me to wear my heart on my sleeve and be authentic. It’s easy to lose yourself if you listen to your critics.”

Hundreds of videos later and ultimately evolving from tutus to custom gowns, Chasity has grown a following worldwide. What’s her next stop? None other than Dallas, the fashion capital of the South, to showcase her current collection, Lady Godiva, inspired by the power of Mother Nature. “Nature and women go hand in hand; women give life, but if you piss us off, there’s going to be a storm,” says Sereal. As one of the most talked about collections of the evening, there is no doubt Chasity Sereal will take Dallas by storm.

So grab your seven dwarves and mark your calendars for September 30th to view this enchanting collection in person along with fourteen other emerging designers at Fashion X Dallas NOIR, the premier fashion week event hosted by founder Matt Swinney. Not only will Chasity Sereal make you believe in fairytales again, but unlike Cinderella, when you wear one of Sereal’s gowns, you don’t have to be home by midnight.

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Photography by: Courtesy of Chasity