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I know exactly what it's like to try and write fashion when the muse is not with you. So I invite you to follow me down the rabbit hole into the mind of a fashion hack like me or, perhaps the venerated THE NEW YORK POST's fashion hack MAUREEN CALLAHAN.

"Hmmm... Slow news day. Guess I'll just have to make something up. Let's see... Something tacky about RAF SIMONS maybe? Nooo. We already eviscerated him this week. Who can we skewer? BALMAIN for trading their soul to the DEVIL to become practically in-house

private designers for the KARDASHIAN KLAN? Nooo, that would take too long... I know, I know - MARC JACOBS! He's so arrogant I could just spit. Let's see - I'll just scan Google here and see what I can cobble together... You, know there aren't that many people who remember that Jacobs got fired from PERRY ELLIS a thousand years ago... If I dredge that up, and if I add in some smirking innuendo to make it seem even more salacious, it will not only fill column space but it will also make me sound very in-the-know... Yeah. Okay. That's the plan."

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Photography by: Via LA Times, Chaos Mag, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty IMages, LuxuryManagement24
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    Marc Jacobs has been ripping off Angel Barta for 7 years. He stole her designs and tortured her. Read the truth at