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Jim Duran’s blk-tee

J'adore Jim Duran! It's no secret I adore Jim’s fashion sensibility and his uber take on menswear fashion – defiant, full of spirit, and oh so youthful!

Just in case you didn’t know I'm also a fan of his infamous blk–tee line, and naturally when I learned that he was expanding his blk–tee line – I went head over hills!

I have always said that fashion is infinitely fascinating and full of changes – nothing ever remains the same. And designer Jim Duran is an excellent example that fashion is always moving forward – there’s always something new happening in Mr. Duran’s life.

What started as a small street-wear line of designer t-shirts named blk–tee, which features idioms and mantras that Jim lives and abides by, such as "FASHION. MUSIC. ART. BOYS" or "SEX. GREEN JUICE. ROCK 'N' ROLL" – has now expanded into tanks, sweatshirts,

snapbacks, and canvas totes. Trust me there’s something for everybody!

What strikes me about blk–tee is that it’s different than other street-wear brands — I mean; blk–tee maintains a certain level of sophistication and chic. I think – when most people think of designer street-wear lines like tee shirts they think of "urban style," which is fabulous if you asked me. But blk-tee is pure fashion designed for cool kids that radiates a downtown and humorous vibe. In the end, what’s so remarkable about blk-tee is that it can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe and ultimately everyday life. So, what are you waiting… go ahead and get your own blk–tee!

Shop Jim Duran's blk–tee here:

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