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Katty Xiomara

By Stephen MacMillan Moser

Never heard of a Portuguese designer? Well, Portugal certainly has, and it is brimming with incredible talent. Among that talent is the very accomplished Katty Xiomara, who recently showed her Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection at New York Fashion Week. Xiomara designs clothes for women exactly like herself, desiring a casual look of excellent quality. Sometimes dainty and feminine, sometimes sleek and edgy, Xiomara has an enormous fan base that is now including the United States. And with good reason.

Xiomara is the kind of woman who has a million things going on at once, and her résumé proves it. She is a celebrity as well as a designer, with multiple screen and television appearances, often as herself. She does theater work, music, dance,

graphic art. She has done corporate work for Sony Playstation, McDonald's, Sheraton, Pizza Hut, and Barbie herself (a futuristic "Year 2059" Barbie for the 50th Anniversary Exhibition at the Costume Museum in Lisbon. She is a philanthropist and has won international awards and recognition; and is a lecturer on fashion at ModaTex.

Yet her angelic face belies the Woman of Steel she is on the inside. And the basis of it all, her collections, evolve and adapt to whatever market she seeks, and this sounds like a very capable woman... headed for world domination.

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Photography by: Katty Xiomara