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Kendra Scott’s Road to Paradise

I cannot think of any other place on earth quite like Tulum in the Rivera Maya – white sand beaches punctuated by evergreen foliage, against a dazzling turquoise colored sea. Oh darling – to be there must be the most wonderful thing in the world. Now, that's my idea of paradise! And if you don't agree with must be insane!

Naturally, as an editor I'm always looking for news and upon learning that jewelry maven, Kendra Scott withdrew inspiration from Tulum, Mexico for her latest collection. I dropped everything and called my girlfriends and we flocked to her newly opened boutique at the Plaza at Preston Center in Dallas, Texas to take a look at (and shop, too!) her summer 2015 collection, "Vía Maya" which can only be described as..."vibrant pieces with artisanal character...these pieces tell the story of my trip to Tulum," said Kendra Scott.

In case you haven't been to Tulum – here's what I recall... It's a magical place nested in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Imagine ancient Mayan ruins scattered against a winding coastline, where vibrant mercados exists alongside a lush jungle, and how not to mention that dreamy turquoise colored sea.

Kendra Scott pull inspiration from every aspect of her trip, from the singular shape of the split leaf palm to the triangular shape of the Mayan ruins, and the the jaguar mask, too. She combined all of these elements with rich, colorful, and natural materials like mother-of-pearl

and abalone stone. Ultimately, creating a one-of-a-kind collection that’s simply radiant and perfect for summer. It was marvelous!

Upon entering the spacious and gleaming boutique one immediately senses a good and positive vibe – Perhaps, it's all the fabulously colored jewelry or the lovely sales associates dressed in canary yellow? Who knows...

But beyond all that I walked away from Kendra Scott's boutique with something far more special than a pair of earrings; I really got to understand and see first hand what's all the hype that surrounds the Kendra Scott brand – is not just about her beautiful designs but most importantly is about Kendra's story, which I find endlessly inspiring.

I wish you would it see the line of fans that wrapped around the Kendra Scott's boutique, who patiently awaited to pay their respects to the designer. Their faces lit-up with excitement like if they have found gold in the street when they got their turn to say hi to Kendra, who genuinely embraced

them, and even posed with them for a candid picture.

I mean, not many women can say they started their own business with five hundred dollars, and become a household name. Right? She's a great example that with determination and vision one can conquer the world. Therefore, I'd like to think of her story as a story of success, which serves as inspiration to many young women around the world. And I think her fans would agree with me, too.