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Libertine’s S/S 2017 – CHIC AS HELL!

Not for the faint-hearted” – that’s how I would describe the Spring Summer 2017 collection of Libertine. The prodigy collection of designer Johnson Hartig came into this world under the colorful title “We Hate Everything”, and full of unbridled emotions it is – a statement of defiance and dissatisfaction with life, fashion, politics and the whole universe we live in. If this is not a statement, I don’t know what is. There could not be a louder expletive pronounced, if you take into account the combination of sequins, prints, texts, colors and textures. It is a WTF moment, but a good one nonetheless.

Seriously, if we set emotions aside, the collection is as distinct as they come. It combines a variety of inspirations taking cues from Georgian era of the 18th century, Chinese hand-painted wall paper, newspaper prints and the best ingredient – the crazy talented mind of Hartig. The feel is vintage and hip, with a nod to the first Libertine collection that featured Union Jack print and Queen Elizabeth portraits fifteen years ago.

The language of Hartig is vintage punk with a British accent. What can be more hip than Bob Marley prints with marijuana leaves all over shirts, basketball shorts and hoodies? Fluorescent colors loudly pronounced Libertine: Chic As Hell just as clearly as the message on the back of one of the dresses. If geometric patterns combined with newspaper prints were not statements enough, the designer kicks it up a notch by embellishments and accessories. Sequins and embroidery abounded, sunglasses in the form of lips with pearls dripping out of them were a showstopper. The most “normal” were gorgeous coats with wonderful detailing. My favorite was the trench mastered out of oversized British flag(s). I really think I can pull it off, alas minus the crazy hosiery.

Let’s talk about accessories now. They were certainly impossible to ignore: glasses, embellished totes, footwear brandishing rainbow-colored fur trim – all added to the effect. If you are bold enough, you can do it – pave your path this coming spring in the ridiculously glamorous Libertine, just don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s what Libertine stands for… so go for it, turn heads and make a political statement this Spring, and be OUTSTANDING while doing it.

Written by Tatyana Unspenskaya, Video Editing by Aaron Fairoz

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